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‘Easier said than done’: empowering dialogues with patients at the pain clinic – the health professionals’ perspective


Sidsel Tveiten
Vestavn. 72
1476 Rasta


Aim  The aim of the present study was to develop knowledge of the dialogue between the health professionals and the patient in the empowerment process.

Background  Dialogue is important regarding empowerment.

Methods  Transcript-based qualitative content analysis was used to reveal the meaning of five health professionals’ views and reflections as reported during three focus group interviews.

Results  The dialogues are important and have varying purposes and characteristics. Conducting good dialogues represents challenges.

Conclusion  Engaging in dialogues according to the principles of empowerment was easier said than done.

Implications for nursing management  Establishing supervision groups, considering the dialogue as part of the therapy and organizing the service in a way that makes dialogues and real participation possible. Further research may focus on the patients’ views and reflections regarding the dialogues with the health professionals. What is new knowledge about the complexity and the challenges in conducting dialogues in the empowerment process?