• magnet;
  • nurse empowerment;
  • nursing models;
  • practice change;
  • transformational leadership

grant b., colello s., riehle m. & dende d. (2010) Journal of Nursing Management18, 326–331 An evaluation of the nursing practice environment and successful change management using the new generation Magnet Model

Aim  To discuss the new Magnet Model as it relates to the successful implementation of a practice change.

Background  There is growing international interest in the Magnet Recognition Programme. The latest generation of the Magnet Model has been designed not only as a road map for organizations seeking to achieve Magnet recognition but also as a framework for nursing practice and research in the future.

Evaluation  The Magnet Model was used to identify success factors related to a practice change and to evaluate the nursing practice environment.

Key issues  Even when proposed changes to practice are evidence based and thoughtfully considered, the nurses’ work environment must be supportive and empowering in order to yield successful and sustainable implementation of new practice.

Conclusion  Success factors for implementation of a practice change can be illuminated by aligning environmental characteristics to the components of the new Magnet Model.

Implications for nursing management  The Magnet Model provides an exceptional framework for building an agile and dynamic work force. Thoughtful consideration of the components and inter-relationships represented in the new model can help to both predict and ensure organizational vitality.