• Emancipatory practice development;
  • evaluation;
  • nursing leadership;
  • outcomes

boomer c.a.& mccormack b. (2010) Journal of Nursing Management 18, 633–644 Creating the conditions for growth: a collaborative practice development programme for clinical nurse leaders

Aim  To evaluate a 3-year practice development (PD) programme for clinical nurse leaders.

Background  The development of effective leaders is a key objective to progress the modernization agenda. This programme aimed to develop the participants alongside development of the culture and context of care.

Methods  Programme evaluation methodology to determine the ‘worth’ of the programme, inform the experience of the participation, effect on workplace cultures and determine effectiveness of the process used.

Results  Created the conditions for growth under two broad themes: process outcomes demonstrating growth as leaders contributing to cultural shifts; and general outcomes demonstrating practice changes.

Conclusions  Developing communities of reflective leaders are required to meet demands within contemporary healthcare. PD provides a model to develop leaders to achieve sustainable changes and transform practice.

Implications for nursing management  Active collaboration and participation of managers is crucial in the facilitation of and sustainability of cultural change. Approaches adopted to develop and sustain the transformation of practice need to focus on developing the skills and attributes of leaders and managers as facilitators.