• diversity;
  • management;
  • maternity care;
  • midwife;
  • migrant women;
  • public health nurse

lyberg a., viken b., haruna m. & severinsson e. (2012) Journal of Nursing Management20, 287–295 Diversity and challenges in the management of maternity care for migrant women

Aim  To illuminate midwives’ and public health nurses’ perceptions of managing and supporting prenatal and postnatal migrant women in Norway.

Background  Migrant women are affected by social inequalities and likely to have had experiences during and after the migration process that could influence their physical, mental and social well-being.

Methods  Multistage focus group interviews were conducted and data were analysed in accordance to conventional interpretative qualitative content analysis.

Results  The overarching theme ‘Managing and supporting educational, relational and cultural diversity in maternity care’ was characterized by two themes ‘Health challenges’ and ‘Cultural challenges’. Each theme contained several subthemes. The interviews revealed that Norwegian maternity care is not adjusted to migrant women’s needs. The management is the same for everybody who avails of the service.

Conclusion  The Norwegian model for managing cultural diversity in maternity care needs to be developed. Capacity building and a closer cooperation between maternity care services is necessary.

Implications for midwives and nursing management  Maternity care requires reflection at several levels to reduce disparities in individual health. In order to ensure continuity and a trusting relationship, it is necessary to organize leadership and adopt flexible models that support migrant women’s health.