Transition support for the newly licensed nurse: a programme that made a difference


Susan Dyess
Florida Atlantic University
Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing
Boca Raton
FLZip code 33431


dyess s. & parker c.G. (2012) Journal of Nursing Management 20, 615–623

Transition support for the newly licensed nurse: a programme that made a difference

Aim  To describe and evaluate a collaborative programme that supports newly licensed registered nurses (RNs).

Background  New RN transition is recognized globally as a challenge. Nurse managers desire successful programmes that support transition into professional practice. One community developed and implemented an on-going programme that supported the new RNs transition and leadership development.

Methods  One hundred and nine newly licensed nurses participated in a 10-month programme. Quantitative data were collected and analysed. The present study reports on the evaluation of the programme.

Results  Skill acquisition occurred, retention improved, and transition was supported. Leadership development and psychosocial and technical skills sets improved for participants involved with the programme.

Conclusions and implications for Nursing Management  The results of the present study suggest that transition support is valuable. Enhanced retention, improved transition and leadership development were noted. Newly licensed RNs gained leadership, patient care and professionalism skills, and were supported with their transition. The results demonstrate that Nurse Managers need to consider opportunities to offer their newly licensed nurses a programme that is targeted for transition support and leadership development.