The confirmatory factor analysis of the job diagnostic survey: the oncology nursing setting


  • ANDREAS CHARALAMBOUS PhD (Oncology Nursing),

    1. Lecturer, Head of the Research Centre for Oncology and Palliative Care of the Cyprus University of Technology
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    1. Assistant Professor, Head of the Mediterranean Research Centre for Public Health and Quality of Care of the Cyprus University of Technology, Cyprus University of Technology
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  • MICHAEL A. TALIAS PhD (Statistics)

    1. Lecturer, Healthcare Management Program, Open University Cyprus, Nicosia, Cyprus
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Andreas Charalambous
Nursing Department
School of Health Sciences
Cyprus University of Technology
215, Dromos Lemesou
2252 Latsia, P.O. Box 12715


Aim  To explore the factorial validity of the five-factor measurement model of the job diagnostic survey (JDS) in oncology settings.

Background  The research comes as a response to the lack of studies examining the factorial dimensions of the instrument in specific nursing populations.

Methods  This was a cross-sectional, census survey design including all the oncology departments in Cyprus. The final sample included 398 oncology nurses.

Results  A confirmatory factor analytic model, based on previous research, was tested. A unidimensional model including all five job characteristics items was found to be the best explanation of the data. This model produced fair-to-good internal consistency estimates.

Conclusion  The findings supported a shorter version of the JDS as a reliable and factorially valid instrument for use with the oncology nursing population. These promising results should pave the way for further research and the search for more conclusive evidence on the construct validity of the shorter version of the JDS.

Implications for Nursing Management  Nurse managers should use scales such as the JDS in order to evaluate the oncology nurses’ job satisfaction, work attitudes and motivation and redesign the job accordingly.