Expectations and experiences of group supervision: Swedish and Norwegian preceptors’ perspectives


Christina Sundin Andersson
Department of Nursing
Faculty of Social and Life Sciences
Karlstad University
S-65188 Karlstad
E-mail: christina.sundin-andersson@kau.se


Aim  The aim of the present study was to describe preceptors’ expectations and experiences of participating in group supervision (GS).

Background  The challenging role of preceptors and their need for support is well known. Therefore, a collaborative project was carried out, providing GS to preceptors to strengthen them in their role.

Method  Data were collected from 48 preceptors by means of study-specific forms and field notes, and analysed using qualitative content analysis.

Results  Both positive and negative expectations and experiences of group supervision were found, but the positive experiences exceeded the expectations. The group in itself had a significant meaning for the preceptors; their pedagogical and personal competence increased and they became aware of their role as ‘bridge-builders’.

Conclusions  Using GS to strengthen preceptors in their role was found to be successful. The findings provided new arguments for this model as a reflection tool.

Implications for nursing management  Strengthened preceptors can have an impact on nursing students’ learning, and thereby also on future nurses’ competence, which is a great concern of nurse managers. By using nurse lecturers as group leaders, the collaboration between the clinical placements and the nursing faculties can be improved.