• burnout;
  • confirmatory factor analysis;
  • exploratory factor analysis;
  • MBI-HSS;
  • nurses;
  • Taiwan

lee h.-f., chien t.-w. & yen m. (2013) Journal of Nursing Management 21, 648–656

Examining factor structure of Maslach burnout inventory among nurses in Taiwan

Aim  To investigate the factorial structure of a Chinese version of the MBI-HSS for nurses in Taiwan.

Background  Previous studies have presented different factorial structures using the Maslach burnout inventory-human services survey (MBI-HSS).

Methods  Secondary data analysis was implemented to explore the factor structure of MBI-HSS using exploratory factor analysis. Confirmatory factor analysis was then performed to verify the modified structure for nurses in Taiwan.

Results  The EFA found that three factors explaining 57% of the variance were extracted, and 20 of the 22 items were retained. The goodness-of-fit test was performed using the CFA approach, and it was verified that the modified version of MBI-HSS is a suitable instrument for measuring burnout for nurses in Taiwan.

Conclusions  A nationwide sample confirmed the factorial structure of MBI-HSS for nurses in Taiwan with a three-dimension, 20-item assessment, and the variance was not diminished in this sample.

Implications for nursing management  These findings demonstrate that the modified version of MBI-HSS provides a suitable instrument for measuring burnout for nurses in Taiwan. Therefore, the modified version of MBI-HSS can be used to compare burnout of nurses across cultures, providing valuable information for policies or preventions in the future.