• counselling;
  • dementia;
  • learning climate;
  • Marte Meo;
  • nursing homes

Aim  To identify factors that affected the learning outcomes from Marte Meo counselling (MMC).

Background  Although MMC has shown promising results regarding learning outcomes for staff working in dementia-specific care units, the outcomes differ.

Method  Twelve individual interviews and four focus group interviews with staff who had participated in MMC were analysed through a qualitative content analysis.

Results  The learning climate has considerable significance for the experienced benefit of MMC and indicate that this learning climate depends on three conditions: establishing a common understanding of the content and form of MMC, ensuring staff’s willingness to participate and the opportunity to do so, and securing an arena in the unit for discussion and interactions.

Conclusion  Learning outcomes from MMC in dementia-specific care units appear to depend on the learning climate in the unit.

Implication for nursing management  The learning climate needs attention from the nursing management when establishing Marte Meo intervention in nursing homes. The learning climate can be facilitated through building common understandings in the units regarding why and how this intervention should take place, and by ensuring clarity in the relationship between the intervention and the organization’s objectives.