• Aboriginal women;
  • critical social theory;
  • ecological systems theory;
  • human becoming theory

Accessible summary

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    Theoretical frameworks that are multidimensional provides a standpoint within nursing practice to acknowledge that such care requires the ability to recognize and tailor services to meet the needs of diverse individuals.
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    Theoretical praxis advocate for a type of raised consciousness that regards how social structures operate to oppress some members of society while systematically privileging others.
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    It is through critical praxis that action can be mitigated to examine the existing social realities for Aboriginal women and serve to reduce these inequities.


This paper describes theories from various disciplines that are useful in conceptualizing and reflecting on the mental health of Aboriginal women. Critical social theory (sociology), Parse's human becoming theory (nursing) and ecological systems theory (developmental psychology) are considered valuable theories that aid in nursing praxis. These papers discuss how these different theoretical approaches are beneficial for achieving different goals and therefore provide important foundational underpinnings to challenging traditional assumptions that effect human behaviour and practice.