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Training mental health promotion workers in programme evaluation


A. Reupert, Faculty of Education, Monash University, Krongold Centre, Clayton, Vic. 3825, Australia, E-mail:


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  • • The evaluation of mental health promotion programmes can strengthen the evidence base of such programmes. However, mental health promotion workers often lack the skills and knowledge to conduct programme evaluations.
  • • Evaluation training, consisting of interactive workshops and follow-up individual mentoring, was offered to mental health promotion workers. The programme was based on adult learning values, mental health promotion principles and guidelines for evaluation training.
  • • The programme was evaluated using a questionnaire, immediately before, after and six months after training, as well as interviews with participants.
  • • Evaluation of the training demonstrated significant knowledge, confidence and behaviour change.


In this paper, a programme to train mental health promotion workers in programme evaluation is described and evaluated. The programme is based on adult learning values, guidelines for programme evaluation training and the general principles of mental health promotion. Facilitated over 2 days, the programme also provided individual mentoring. Training was evaluated via a questionnaire immediately before and post training, and 6 months post training (n = 28, n = 18, n = 18). Additionally, individual interviews were used with seven participants and qualitatively analysed. Results indicate significant and sustained positive changes in knowledge, confidence and behaviour and while satisfaction reduced significantly at the six month follow-up, participants' level of satisfaction towards mentoring was consistent. Post training, participants reported a greater appreciation of the importance of evaluation planning and working collaboratively.