Figure S1. AEPs (mean ± SEM)derived from all auditory stimuli during 0.8-Hz stimulation (blackline) and random stimulation conditions (grey line), andcategorized by sleep stage S2 (left column) and SWS (right column),as well as conventional EEG band (0.15–30 Hz, top row),slow spindle band (9–12 Hz, middle row) and fast spindleband (12–15 Hz, bottom row). Additionally, point-wisestatistical comparisons are indicated below each AEP. Vertical greybars indicate intervals for baseline normalization. AEPs during S2for 0.8-Hz stimulation: 2001.5 ± 254.5 and randomstimulation: 1904.4 ± 130.0; and during SWS for0.8-Hz stimulation: 1685.0 ± 261.4 and randomstimulation: 1593.8 ± 138.7.

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