Figure S1. Comparisons of duration of stage,number of stages, incidence of interruptions (event/min), deltapower percentage, theta power percentage and beta power percentageduring paradoxical sleep status using a 2-h window (left panel) anda 6-h window (right panel) among rats during light and dark(oblique line) periods over 24 h.

Figure S2. Comparisons of mean arterialpressure (MAP), R-R intervals (RR), low-frequency power (BLF) ofarterial pressure variability, normalized low-frequency power (LF%)and high-frequency power (HF) of heart rate variability duringparadoxical sleep status using a 2-h window (left panel) and a 6-hwindow (right panel) among rats during light and dark (obliqueline) periods over 24 h.

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