Clearance of penicillin G in the newborn calf



Sodium penicillin G was administered intravenously (4545 IU/kg) to calves on the day of birth (12-24 h old) and at 5, 10, and 15 days of age. Serum was collected at varying intervals for 120 min after injection and analysed for penicillin G. The mean total body clearance (ClB) of penicillin G on the day of birth was 2.98 ml/min/kg compared to 4.83 ml/min/kg at 5 days, 3.11 ml/min/kg at 10 days and 4.65 ml/min/kg at 15 days of age. Clearances at 5 and 15 days were significantly (P<0.05) higher than on the day of birth. The half-life (t1/2ß), however, did not change significantly over the 15-day period of the study. These results indicate that the newborn calf has an appreciable ability to excrete penicillin G before it is 24 h old, and that total body clearance of the antibiotic increases rapidly in the immediate postnatal period.