Yong-Xue, S., Yongjin, L., Dongping, Z., Gang, W., Zhichang, L., Haiyan, Z. Pharmacokinetic study of Rhizoma Curcumae Oil and Rhizoma Curcumae Oil-β-cyclodextrin inclusion complex in pigs after oral administration. J. vet. Pharmacol. Therap. 35, 47–51.

Pharmacokinetics of Rhizoma Curcumae oil-pure drug (RCO-PD) and its β-cyclodextrin inclusion complex (RCO-βCD) were studied in a randomized two-way crossover design following a single oral administration of the two formulations. Germacrone concentrations in plasma were determined by high-performance liquid chromatography with UV detector. The concentrations vs. time data were analyzed by a noncompartmental pharmacokinetic method. The result showed that germacrone in both groups was rapidly absorbed followed by a slow elimination. The main parameters in RCO-PD group were as follows: t1/2λz 6.63 ± 1.08 h, Cmax 2.50 ± 0.34 μg/mL, MRT 7.19 ± 0.93 h, and AUC0–∞ 13.92 ± 2.75 mg/L·h, while in RCO-βCD group, t1/2λz 6.77 ± 0.67 h, Cmax 2.98 ± 0.24 μg/mL, MRT 8.87 ± 0.76 h, and AUC0–∞ 21.60 ± 1.95 mg/L·h, respectively. The above results indicated that Cmax, Tmax, AUC0–t, AUC0−∞, and MRT in RCO-βCD group were significantly different from RCO-PD group, and the relative bioavailability of RCO-βCD group is significantly higher while compared to RCO-PD group (F = 156%, with its 90% confidence interval of 145–169%).