A peer-reviewed collection of reports on innovative approaches to medical education



Faculty development

Perceptions of a faculty mentorship programme

Fostering educational scholarship: the mentored research group

Faculty preparation for academic evaluation

Phelbotomy training for patient attendants in Malawi

Panel advising: an alternative to consider

Introducing microteaching sessions in an Indian medical school

Curriculum development and assessment

Aligning assessment with the curriculum

Impact of a medical education unit on assessment practices

Guiding undergraduate medical students to use literature appropriately

Introducing medical students to health care management

An innovative approach to teaching microbiology to undergraduates

Performance-based stratified grouping to enhance peer learning

Using the ‘transect walk’ as a public health teaching and learning tool

Attracting health professional students to substance abuse research

Clinical education

Evaluating an evidence-based approach to learning physical examination

Near-peer videos for physical examination instruction

Nested peer tutoring in clinical reasoning

Structured, three-way, role-play activity for improving history-taking skills

Students learning handovers in a simulated in-patient unit

Training deaf persons as standardised patients

Test cases: in-hospital, scenario-based cardiopulmonary resuscitation training

A procedures curriculum for medical students

Efficiently teaching mental status examination to medical students

An innovative method of teaching clinical therapeutics through role-play

No place like home: teaching home visits

Scenario-based student workshops in acute medicine

Postgraduate medical education

Nursing staff assessment of residents' professionalism and communication skills

Surgical Intern Olympics: skills assessment

Feasibility of an evidence-based medicine educational prescription


The BigSib students’ peer group mentoring programme

A genethics debate within an interdisciplinary curriculum

A questionnaire on the quality of life of medical students

Experiences from a medical students’ well-being workshop

Teaching transplantation ethics to final-year medical students

Communication skills

When medicine was a foreign language

Reflection rubric development: evaluating medical students’ reflective writing

A short palliative care experience: beginning to learn

What standardised patients tell us about ‘activating’ patients

Applications of technology

A virtual othopaedic hospital: feedback on student acceptance

Moodle platform for online tutoring during internships

Shortening distances: a Moodle platform supports programme evaluation in internship

Real-time, online teaching to enhance undergraduate learning

The utility of podcasts in Web 2.0 human anatomy

Wiki use and challenges in undergraduate medical education