Challenges for new nurses in evidence-based practice


Linda M. Ferguson
College of Nursing
University of Saskatchewan
107 Wiggins Road
Saskatoon Saskatchewan
Canada S7N 5E5


Aim  The purpose of this article was to examine issues that new nurses encounter as they enter nursing practice, particularly in an evidence-based practice environment.

Background  These issues are not new. In part, these issues arise from our failure to acknowledge the developmental issues that new nurses experience on entry to practice and the lack of role models in evidence-based practice and holistic care.

Evaluation  This article synthesizes research reported over the last decade to delineate the issues of transition to practice and strategies that have proven effective in addressing them.

Key issues  The key issues relate to the need to support new nurses in evidence-based and holistic practice, the strategies needed to do so, and the nurse manager's role in this process.

Conclusions  We must invest resources in assisting new nurses into practice, which may have benefits in terms of both recruitment and retention of new nurses in practice.