Factors influencing the choice of the first ward: comparison between newly qualified nurses and managers


Alvisa Palese
School of Nursing
Viale Ungheria 18
33100 Udine
E-mail: alvisa.palese@virgilio.it


We had given a questionnaire to a group of newly qualified nurses and nursing managers responsible for their recruitment with the purpose of understanding the factors influencing the choice of the first ward. For this study, 45 nurses and 10 nursing managers had been recruited. There are 19 factors that influence the choice of the first ward: the most important is the kind of patient, both, nursing managers and newly qualified nurses agreed about, while about the other factors there were different answers. Reflecting on the choice factors may help hospitals to better understand the expectations of the newly qualified nurses and start improving projects to make even the less requested wards more attractive; it can also help the faculty to reflect about the academic curriculum that mostly influences the professional future of the students.