Genetic differentiation in Fomitopsis pinicola (Schwarts: Fr.) Karst studied by means of arbitrary primed-PCR


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Generic variation within and among one Finnish and three Swedish populations of Fomitopsis pinicola (Schwarts: Fr.) Karst. were studied by amplifying DNA from hap-loid isolates originating from single spore cultures using two arbitrary primers. Analysis offspring from single fruit bodies revealed only three pairs of codominant alleles among 42 variable genetic markers, the remaining 38 segregated independently. Genetic similarity was measured in terms of Euclidean distance. Individuals in the Finnish population tended to form a distinct cluster in the principal component analysis. Variation within and among populations/regions was partitioned by Analysis of Molecular Variance — AMOVA. Within population variation accounted for 91.6% of the total genetic variation. The remaining 7.68% was accounted for by variation between the Finnish population and each of the three Swedish ones. Variation among the Swedish populations accounted for only 0.72% of the total variation. Wright's Fst was 0.17 for all four populations and 0.13 for the three Swedish populations. These relatively low values indicate that there is gene flow among all populations or that they are derived from a common ancestral population. The observed pattern of genetic variation is probably the result of effective spore dispersal and the continuous distribution of this common early successional species.