Table S1. Summary of genetic variation for all populations of Zostera marina (Table 1) based on nine microsatellite loci. Localities printed in italics belong to the Core populations and are used in some calculations. (N) = sample size (after duplicate genets were removed); NA = number of alleles; Hexp = unbiased expected heterozygosity (Nei 1978); Hob = observed heterozygosity; f = inbreeding coefficient and FST = global variance component contributed by an indivdual locus. Significant values (bold) have been applied after sequential Bonferroni correction (Rice 1989) (*P > 0.05, **P > 0.01, ***P > 0.001). DNA = locus Does Not Amplify; ---- = missing data (not null alleles) or locus is monomorphic. See Materials and Methods for details of locus nomenclature

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