Appendix S1. Locality and collection data for specimens used in this study. Mitochondrial haplotypes are followed by a parenthetical number indicating how many were found at each locality. Wingless sequences were not obtained from specimens from all localities. Full names of collectors: ADW, Andrew D Warren; EBR, Erik B Runquist; EAL, Elizabeth A Leger; MLF, Matthew L Forister; AMS, Arthur M Shapiro; GK, Greg Kareofelas; KHO, Ken H Osborne; MDW, Matthew D Williams; GRB, Greg R Ballmer; GA, George Austin; AHP, Adam H Porter; JCO, Jeff C Oliver; KLP, Katy L Prudic; DT, David Threatful; NK, Norbert Kondla; CDT, Christopher D Thomas; RJW, Robert J Wilson; JGC, John G Coutsis; YY, Yasuyuki Yazaki; MT, Masaaki Tomonaga; JJ, Junichi Asahi; JLH, Jack L Harry.; Sp = Spiez; Be = Belgium.

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