Fig.S1. Plot of FST against heterozygosity for the 30 microsatellites analysed. Two outliers (HEL13 and CSSM66) are detected. The yellow, blue and red lines denote upper and lower 95% confidence limits, and median, respectively, of 100,000 independent loci simulated.

Fig.S2. (A) Posterior probability [ln P(D)] against the maximum number of populations (K); (B) the increase of ln P(D) for a given K, calculated as (ln P(D)K - ln P(D) K-1) for the combined analysis.

Table S1. Microsatellite characterization, Weir & Cockerham's (1984) genetic differentiation estimators (f, F and θ ), Ewens-Watterson's test for neutrality (Ewens 1972; Watterson 1978) with 1000 simulated samples.

Table S2. Pairwise θ -values with the results of significance test for genic differentiation (ns, nonsignificant and P>0.05; all the other values are significant and P<0.05) (below diagonal), and the corresponding immigration rate (Nm) between populations (above diagonal). Numbers in bold face are the lowest and the highest values of θ and Nm.

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