Table S1 Overall coverage properties of credible intervals for model parameters

Fig. S1 Accuracy of parameter estimations with ABC under the population size change (PSC) model.

Fig. S2 Accuracy of parameter estimations with ABC under a recent finite island (RFI) model.

Fig. S3 Coverage properties of HPD credible intervals over the parameter ranges.

Fig. S4 Accuracy of model assignment using the model choice procedure of Pritchard et al. (1999).

Fig S5 Distribution of the summary statistics for the eastern chimpanzee population.

Fig. S6 Distribution of the summary statistics for the western chimpanzee population.

Fig. S7 Quality of model choice depending on parameter values of the RFI model.

Fig. S8 Quality of model choice for different parameter values of the PSC model.

Fig. S9 Model choice is largely insensitive about the number of demes and the size of the RFI model.

Fig. S10 Outcome of the model choice procedure of Beaumont (2008), based on ten thousands, hundred thousand or 1 million simulations.

Fig. S11 Effect of FIS as summary statistic on model choice accuracy.

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