Fig. S1 Neighbor-joining tree of 17 unique mtDNA cytochrome b (cytb) sequences from representative Siganus fuscescens clade A, clade B, and clade C individuals from this study, together with sequences of S.  fuscescens, Siganus canaliculatus and other Siganus species (GenBank accession numbers indicated).

Fig. S2 Mismatch distributions of observed pairwise differences (bars) and expected pairwise differences under a sudden-expansion model (solid line) among haplotypes of all individuals (a), clade A individuals only (b), and clade B individuals only (c).

Table S1 Pairwise values of genetic distance (ΦST) for the global dataset of 448 Siganus fuscescens individuals (below diagonal) and clade A haplotypes only consisting of 398 individuals (above diagonal)

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