Table S1 Taxonomic coverage, locality data and GenBank accession numbers

Table S2 Primers and conditions used for PCR amplifications

Table S3 Distances among sampled localities (km)

Table S4 Uncorrected (‘P’) distance matrix among ingroup taxa

Table S5 The models of nucleotide substitution as proposed by AICc criterion in JModelTest 0.1.1 (Posada 2008)

Table S6 Likelihood ratio test of molecular clock for Scarelus

Table S7 Phylogeny of Scarelus inferred from partial and concatenated matrices: the presence of the selected clades in majority consensus trees

Table S8 Mean age of 95% HPD interval for internal nodes of Scarelus phylogeny in million years

Table S9 Results of the CR and MCCR tests

Table S10 Nucleotide frequencies across studied genes

Appendix S1 Taxonomical conclusion.

Data S1 Tectonic and climatic history of Southeast Asia.

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