Fig. S1 Grasslands and Araucaria Forest mosaic, São José dos Ausentes/RS. Photo by Josi Fernanda Cerveira.

Fig. S2Petunia saxicola habitat.

Fig. S3 Petunia altiplana.

Fig. S4 Petunia bonjardinensis.

Fig. S5 Petunia guarapuavensis.

Fig. S6 Bayesian Skyline Plots for Petunia altiplana, Petunia bonjardinensis and Petunia guarapuavensis showing the effective population size fluctuation throughout time. The median values are shown in black lines and the 95% confidence intervals in grey lines.

Table S1 GenBank accession numbers of the identified sequences by sampling place and individual plant.

Table S2 Distinctive characteristics of Brazilian highland’s Petunia species (according to Stehmann et al. 2009).

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