Data S1 Demographic analyses

Fig. S1 Bayesian skyline plots showing changes in the estimated size of Ne (assuming 1 year generation time) for Ledella ultima from six Atlantic basins with sufficient sampling. Years indicate time before present. Colored region represents the 95% CL for Ne.

Table S1 Estimates from IMa of θ (q) for the NAB and WEB, migration rates between basins and splitting time. Lo and Hi90 are the lower and upper bounds of the estimated 90% highest posterior density. Estimates of Ne assume a 1 year generation time. WEB -> NAB implies migration from WEB to NAB

Table S2 Results from an analysis of nested models in IMa. The high point values for each parameter, the Log(P) which is proportional to the marginal liklihoods of the models, the degrees of freedom (d.f.) and the likelihood ratio test (2LLR) are shown

Table S3 Information theoretic statistics for each of the nested models and the full model from IMa (Table S2). The nested models from IMa, the number of parameters for each model (k), the AIC score, AIC differences (Δi), model probabilities (ωi), and the evidence ratio are given. All values are calculated as described in Carstens et  al. (2009)

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