Table S1 Genetic variation at the 21 microsatellite markers for each of the 25 samples of larvae and glass eels of European and 4 samples of American eel larvae

Table S2 FIS estimates and tests for Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium for each marker in each sample

Table S3 Pair-wise FST between all pair-wise combinations of samples of European eel

Table S4 Global FST values and corresponding correlation coefficients (r2) for genetic (FST/(1−FST)) versus geographic distance

Table S5 Partial Mantel tests of correlations between individual genetic distances and geographic and temporal distances (hatch date)

Fig. S1 Bar plots of the number of American and European eel larvae sampled at each station in the Sargasso Sea.

Fig. S2 Length distributions for the analyzed American and European eel.

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