Methods S1 Analysis of polymorphism and population subdivision

Methods S2 Enrichment analysis

Methods S2 Quantitative PCR

Table S1 Samples sizes and details table

Table S2 Distribution of coefficients of variation among datasets

Table S3 Abdomen enrichment analysis results

Table S4 Abdomen enrichment analysis data

Table S5 Quantitative PCR analyses for individual genes in abdomens

Table S6 Top genes by tissue

Table S7 Analyses of oogenesis phenotypes

Table S8 Peak flight metabolic rate in microarray sample

Table S9 Thorax enrichment analysis results

Table S10 Thorax enrichment analysis data

Table S11 Peak and total flight metabolic rate

Table S12 Sdhd allele frequencies in new and old populations

Fig. S1 SNP analysis of genetic relatedness

Fig. S2 Abdomen gene expression by three fixed factors

Fig. S3 Sdhd expression level by allele

Fig. S4 Respiratory exchange ratio during flight

Fig. S5 Annotation of Assembly 2.0

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