Table S1 Assignment rates and error rates of aflpop hybrid allocations based on equal sample sizes (one sample site) in each clade

Table S2 Pairwise FST comparisons among all sites of the NWA using only neutral loci

Table S3 Results of analysis of associations between genetic structure and environmental variables

Fig. S1 Results of Structure analysis without site as locprior.

Fig. S2 Results of outlier analysis on sites within the North-west Atlantic using the FDIST (Beaumont & Nichols 1996) approach implemented in Arlequin 3.5 (Excoffier & Lischer 2010).

Fig. S3 Estimating the number of genetic clusters (K) with the methodologies of (a) Evanno et  al. (2005), and (b) Pritchard et  al. (2000).

Fig. S4 PC graphs of Northwest Atlantic sample sites, (a) with all data, (b) without four outliers.

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