Table S1 Frequencies of M. m. musculus alleles for each locus and sampling site. Distance along the transect and effective number of alleles (Ne) are also given; h = hybrid index expressed as the frequency of musculus alleles averaged across the six diagnostic allozyme loci (see Macholán et al. 2007 and text for details).

Table S2 A panel of allopatric populations and wild-derived inbred strains representing both taxa used for usability of each locus as a diagnostic marker (see Piálek et al. 2008 for more details on the inbred strains). Geographic coordinates are given for each site along with numbers of analysed individuals and frequencies of M. m. musculus alleles for marker 4.057.

Table S3 List of molecular markers used in this study. For each locus, the marker type, chromosome, position according to the NCBI m37 mouse assembly, and when appropriate, primer sequences and annealing temperature is given.

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