Table S1A.  rufa, A.  graeca and A.  chukar haplotypes used in the present study.

Table S2 Fixation indices of the groups of populations inferred by SAMOVA for mitochondrial sampling locations. *P < 0.00001

Table S3 Characteristics of microsatellite loci for SAMOVA-inferred clusters in red-legged partridge species.

Fig. S1 ML tree topology (log likelihood = −1135.6116) including MP, NJ and ML bootstrap values for 1000 replicates. Bootstrap values are above the node. Only bootstrap values >50% are shown.

Fig. S2 Mantel tests showing the relationship between pairwise genetic distances (FST) and geographical distances(in km). Calculated from mtDNA CR (A) and microsatellites (B).

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