Table S1 f estimator of FIS per sample and locus (significant values in bold; 0.05 threshold after FDR correction) and null allele frequencies given in brackets when MICRO-CHECKER detected the occurrence of null alleles. Nnull: no null allele detected.

Table S2 Pairwise FST (upper right) and DEST (lower left) values. Non significant values are highlighted in grey (0.05 threshold after FDR correction).

Table S3 Individuals assigned as first-generation migrants as estimated by GENECLASS2. The population of origin and percentages of migrants per population and self-recruitment are given.

Fig. S1 Correlation between genetic distances computed as FST/(1 – FST) and the logarithm of geographical distances (m) within the three regions: (a) Medes, (b) Marseille and (c) North Corsica.

Fig. S2 Plot of LnP(D) as a function of the number of clusters (K) across the 10 runs: (a) for the whole data set (first round) and (b) for each of the five clusters (second round).

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