Fig. S1 A phylogenetic relationship tree of 70 barley accessions based on genome-wide genotyping data at 383 SNP sites.

Fig. S2 Genetic diversity index (GD; Weir 1996*) along barley chromosomes (1H to 7H) using a rolling average of 10 adjacent SNPs for each geographic region and overall.

Fig. S3 Genome-level frequency differences (Δf) between alternate character states for 384 SNP loci in 70 barley accession sampled from different geographic regions.

Table S1 Complete list of barley accessions from the Rothamsted Barley Diversity (RBD) collection analysed in this study.

Table S2 Significant regional differentiation of eIF4E haplotypes: pairwise FST values between barley populations.

Table S3 The eIF4E and MCT-1 haplotype diversity in a subset of 192 accessions from different geographical regions.

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