Table S1 Gene regions and protocols used for amplification of mtDNA and nuclear introns for Crocodylus niloticus and affiliated specimens used in the study

Table S2 Estimated Molecular Divergence. Mean distance estimates with S.E. for the full, concatenated dataset (below diagonal) and mtDNA-only dataset (above diagonal). Values in the diagonal are intragroup mean distance estimates with S.E. for the full, concatenated dataset (left) and mtDNA-only dataset (right)

Table S3 All mummy specimens examined for this study. Locality and date information is from museum accession notes unless otherwise noted

Fig. S1 Estimated divergence dates for the two Crocodylus niloticus clades under a relaxed clock model as implemented in BEAST v.4.3. The displayed estimates for mean divergence date and 95% confidence intervals are based on the full dataset partitioned by coding region with subsequent codon position partitioning.

Fig. S2 Phylogenetic tree resulting from maximum likelihood analysis of concatenated 12s and d-loop short fragments for contemporary and archival specimens. Mummy specimens have blue terminal labels.

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