Fig. S1 Differential mRNA expression of 23 olfactory or olfactory related genes between life stages in three populations (EX, CR and SC) of Atlantic salmon in 2009 and 2010. The anadromous salmon are represented by: circles for parr expression, squares for smolts and triangles for the adults. The non-anadromous salmon are represented by: diamonds for the juvenile’s expression and octagons for the adults. The colours correspond to the three populations: EX are red, CR are blue and SC are yellow. The lowercase letters represent statistical significance between the pairwise comparisons (P < 0.01 and a fold change >1.8).

Table S1 PCR primers used for the qPCR studies. PCR efficiencies and R2 are given for each qPCR machine used in 2009 and 2010 (* denotes a 25-μL reaction for 7500 real-time machine). OlfC gene names are described in Johnstone et al. (2009). EF1AA primers from Olsvik et al. (2005).

Table S2 Statistics on sampling locations.

Table S3 Relative quantification (RQ) data by individual and by life stage for all of the olfactory and olfactory related genes, normalized to EF1AA, used in this study.

Table S4 MIQE parameters used in the qPCR studies.

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