Tables S1 List of genes which were differentially expressed between reproductive and nonreproductive workers, together with functional annotation information

Tables S2 Association tests between our differentially expressed gene sets and various other candidate gene sets, calculated using exact hypergeometric one-way Fisher exact tests or one-way Spearman rank correlation tests

Tables S3 Biological processes gene ontology (GO) terms overrepresented among the sets of genes that were upregulated in reproductive and nonreproductive workers, calculated using TopGO

Tables S4 Results of technical (same samples of the microarray analysis) and biological (different samples) validation experiment by means of quantitative Real time Polymerase Chain Reaction (qRT-PCR), using protocols described in Data S1

Tables S5 Primers for the validation experiments using qRT-PCR, specific for the candidate reference genes and the target genes

Data S1 Methods.

Data S2 Results.

Data S3 References.

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