Fig. S1 Allele frequency spectra for wild populations and three lab strains.

Fig. S2 Distribution of unbiased expected heterozygosity (He) values averaged over 10 wild populations (SRN and WYD excluded because of small sample size) or over three lab strains for SNPs.

Fig. S3 Log probability from the STRUCTURE model against number of population groups (K).

Table S1 Pairwise ΦST estimates (below diagonal), pairwise net nucleotide differences per site (Da; above diagonal, multiplied by100), and number of shared haplotypes between pairs of sample sites (in parentheses)

Table S2 Pairwise genetic differentiation for SNPs

Table S3 Outlier loci for 11 wild populations (lab strains excluded)

Table S4 Outlier loci for 11 wild populations and three strains

Data S1 Ascertainment bias.

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