Fig. S1 The output from the STRUCTURE HARVESTER v0.6.5 (Evanno et  al 2005) of mean Log probability (±SD) for the number of genetic clusters (K) for Metriocnemus knabi samples, inferred using the STRUCTURE analysis (Pritchard et  al. 2000).

Fig. S2 Assignment probabilities for individuals of Metriocnemus knabi from the STRUCTURE analysis.

Table S1 Locations of clusters (cl 1–24) where the pitcher plant midge (Metriocnemus knabi) was sampled, in bogs from Algonquin Provincial Park (Ontario, Canada).

Table S2 Multi-plex PCR combinations for microsatellite loci of Metriocnemus knabi (Rasic et al. 2009).

Table S3 Summary of STRUCTURE results (Pritchard et  al. 2000) in samples of Metriocnemus knabi, presented as the output from the software STRUCTURE HARVESTER v0.6.5 (Evanno et  al. 2005).

Table S4 Microsatellite data for each sample analyzed.

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