Fig. S1 Genetic structure inferred by TESS for Kmax =2 to 5.

Fig. S2 Ancestry fractions for each sampled population.

Fig. S3 Distribution of pairwise relatedness values for 11 populations.

Fig. S4 Principal component plot of genetic variation in the data set.

Fig. S5 Marginal posterior distributions for each of 3 IMa2 runs for the Masai Mara-Mikumi comparison.

Fig. S6 Marginal posterior distributions for each of 2 IMa2 runs for the Masai Mara-Taveta comparison.

Fig. S7 Marginal posterior distributions for each of 2 IMa2 runs for the Namanga/Bissil/Sultan Hamud-Amboseli/Kibwezi/Oloitoktok comparison.

Table S1 Sample size and location by population.

Table S2 Scoring rules for microsatellite genotypes using the multitube approach.

Table S3 Proportion of allelic dropout and contamination per locus analyzed.

Table S4 Parameters, settings, run times, and number of genealogies saved and used for parameter estimations in IMa2.

Table S5 Pairwise FST values between populations (below the diagonal) and p-value for FST estimates (above the diagonal).

Table S6 Descriptive statistics by population.

Table S7 Point estimates and 95% HPD intervals of parameter estimates under the IM model, converted to demographic units.

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