Editorial 2012


State of the journal

We are pleased to report that the state of the journal continues to be strong. Molecular Ecology’s impact factor as calculated by ISI Web of Knowledge rose for the sixth year in a row, from 4.301 in 2005 to 6.457 in 2010. The journal currently ranks fifth in impact in both the Ecology (130 journals) and Evolutionary Biology (45 journals) categories tracked by ISI. When only journals publishing primary research articles are considered, Molecular Ecology ranks second and third among Ecology and Evolutionary Biology journals, respectively. The 414 articles published in Molecular Ecology in 2010 make it one of the largest journals in ecology and evolutionary biology as well, ranking third in both subject categories.


Molecular Ecology Prize

The 2011 Molecular Ecology Prize was awarded to Professor Deborah Charlesworth of the University of Edinburgh for her pioneering studies of mating systems and the origin of sex chromosomes. A biography of Deborah and her contributions to molecular ecology can be found on page 23 of this issue.

Molecular Ecology Symposium

In 2012 the first Joint Congress on Evolutionary Biology (Evolution 2012) will be held in Ottawa, Canada’s capital city. This signal event will bring together five of the world’s largest academic societies devoted to the study of ecology and evolutionary biology: the American Society of Naturalists (ASN), the Canadian Society for Ecology and Evolution (CSEE), the European Society for Evolutionary Biology (ESEB), the Society for the Study of Evolution (SSE) and the Society of Systematic Biologists (SSB).

2012 also marks the 20th anniversary for Molecular Ecology. To celebrate the tremendous advances that have been made in this research area, as well as to brainstorm about the future of the field, the journal is sponsoring a Molecular Ecology Symposium on 6th July 2012 in Ottawa, the day before Evolution 2012 gets underway. The structure of the meeting will follow the basic format of Molecular Ecology, with plenary talks in each of the journal subject areas, followed by panel discussions that will focus on future advances. To broaden participation, the symposium will include an online component, which will involve live streaming of the talks and discussions involving both in-the-room delegates and those participating online. The current speaker line-up is available at http://www.molecularecologist.com/ottawa-2012/.

Meta-analyses studies

With the widespread implementation of the Joint Data Archiving Policy, large numbers of ecological and evolutionary data sets are becoming available. Data archiving, combined with the enormous rate at which new data are being generated, will allow us to address many questions in ecology and evolution with a degree of rigour and decisiveness that was not possible even several years ago. Thus, we strongly encourage the submission of meta-analysis studies to Molecular Ecology. Meta-analysis studies will typically be published as part of our ‘Invited Reviews’ section, which will be renamed ‘Invited Reviews and Meta-analyses’. Louis Bernatchez edits this section, and if you have a review or meta-analysis study that you would like to develop for Molecular Ecology please contact him (louis.bernatchez@bio.ulaval.ca) to ensure that it is an appropriate topic for the journal.

Data archiving

We have been delighted by the positive response to the implementation of our Joint Data Archiving Policy at the beginning of 2011. Following discussions with our editors and authors, it is clear that the utility of archived data is greatly enhanced when the scripts used in the analyses are also made available. Given that these scripts may be a mix of proprietary and freely available code, we have decided against making their deposition compulsory, but we nonetheless strongly encourage authors to make these scripts available whenever possible.


We wish to express our gratitude to our many referees for the donation of their time to the journal and to the discipline of molecular ecology; people who reviewed for us between 1 November 2010 and 15 October 2011 are listed at the end of this editorial.

Editorial issues

Current standards for publication in Molecular Ecology

One of the most challenging aspects of editing a large journal like Molecular Ecology is maintaining consistency in our editorial decisions across the wide range of topics covered by the journal and among our highly respected but diverse subject editors. This is exacerbated by the rapidly changing norms in the field in terms of molecular tools and analytical approaches.

An especially contentious issue concerns the publication of phylogeographic studies based on the analyses of a single locus. We sometimes choose not to review such studies because conclusions drawn from such limited data may not be reliable. However, we do not have a blanket policy to reject them without review because there are questions for which analysis of a single locus is appropriate. Authors, referees and editors have on occasion suggested that we establish guidelines regarding the minimum number of loci, populations and individuals for a study to be considered for publication in Molecular Ecology. However, we have been reluctant to formulate such guidelines because they would depend on the question being addressed, the kind of molecular markers employed, the geographic range of the focal taxa and so forth. Likewise, such guidelines would have to be modified on a yearly basis as standards of the field continue to ratchet upwards. Nonetheless, we feel that knowledge of current norms in Molecular Ecology with respect to these parameters would be useful to our authors and editors. Here we present information on the numbers of loci, populations and individuals employed by studies published in the journal from January to September 2011 (Figs 1 to 6; Tables 1–4).

Figure 1.

 Average number of microsatellite loci employed by studies published in Molecular Ecology from January to September 2011. Error bars indicate one standard deviation of uncertainty.

Figure 2.

 Average number of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) employed by studies published in Molecular Ecology from January to September 2011. Error bars indicate one standard deviation of uncertainty.

Figure 3.

 Average number of nuclear genes employed by studies published in Molecular Ecology from January to September 2011. Error bars indicate one standard deviation of uncertainty.

Figure 4.

 Average number of amplified fragment length polymorphisms (AFLPs) employed by studies published in Molecular Ecology from January to September 2011. Error bars indicate one standard deviation of uncertainty.

Figure 5.

 Average number of populations analysed by studies published in Molecular Ecology from January to September 2011. Error bars indicate one standard deviation of uncertainty.

Figure 6.

 Average number of individuals analysed by studies published in Molecular Ecology from January to September 2011. Error bars indicate one standard deviation of uncertainty.

Table 1.   Numbers of populations, individuals, organelles and microsatellite loci surveyed in studies published in Molecular Ecology from January to September 2011
Subject categoryNo. populationsNo. individualsNo. organellesNo. microsatellitesReferences
Ecological GenomicsN/A1860258Burrell et al. (2011)
Ecological Interactions386117Foote et al. (2011)
Kinship, Parentage and Behaviour9678120Hua et al. (2011)
23502010Qian et al. (2011)
1121103Bonckaert et al. (2011)
N/A50607Tiedemann et al. (2011)
1333014Bretman et al. (2011)
N/A779016Wang & Lu (2011)
N/A25406Oddou-Muratorio et al. (2011)
N/A77108Cheron et al. (2011)
N/A20407Ursprung et al. (2011)
4253015Thoss et al. (2011)
N/A33706Moran & Clark (2011)
N/A12 72508Christie et al. (2011)
110206While et al. (2011)
Molecular Adaptation231050025Xhaard et al. (2011)
1190021Olsson et al. (2011)
30853018Keller et al. (2011)
Phylogeography235116Kraaijeveld et al. (2011)
14125110Lim & Sheldon (2011)
18170120Ferrero et al. (2011)
N/A65010Pepper et al. (2011)
N/A7916Walter et al. (2011)
1149015Hirsch & Maldonado (2011)
1723009Kronauer et al. (2011)
N/A864010Born et al. (2011)
Population and Conservation Genetics15689010Castellanos et al. (2011)
111405110Ozer et al. (2011)
N/A1379011Cuveliers et al. (2011)
10310016Guivier et al. (2011)
10440123Lawton et al. (2011)
39111406Mokhtar-Jamai et al. (2011)
N/A153012Rougeron et al. (2011)
N/A48708Lye et al. (2011)
31970103Li & Merila (2011)
23123110Hu et al. (2011)
N/A50707Criscione et al. (2011)
351624110Andras et al. (2011)
12312016Lancaster et al. (2011)
1131919Koblmuller et al. (2011)
11600120Horne et al. (2011)
813907Kawakami et al. (2011)
3368122Agudo et al. (2011)
23126208Bronnenhuber et al. (2011)
 23508Lane & Shine (2011)
4N/A015Luquet et al. (2011)
17427015Richter-Boix et al. (2011)
1125028Ortego et al. (2011)
517809Chair et al. (2011)
7192012Solmsen et al. (2011)
6476110van Oppen et al. (2011)
2520017Rieux et al. (2011)
1018908Chun et al. (2011)
2333706Shepherd & Perrie (2011)
111824012Bull et al. (2011)
215690137Orozco-terWengel et al. (2011)
N/A192118Zhu et al. (2011)
1631608Schrey et al. (2011b)
N/A94120Charruau et al. (2011)
10113209Cammen et al. (2011)
1685015Karlin et al. (2011)
N/A1287013Knutsen et al. (2011)
33516013Dobata et al. (2011)
1474708Winkler et al. (2011)
173009Pluess (2011)
20478017Fitzpatrick et al. (2011)
1N/A019Morrissey & Ferguson (2011)
N/A13907Liebgold et al. (2011)
6291019Brekke et al. (2011)
N/A104009Hufford et al. (2011)
N/A47008Schrey et al. (2011a)
187024Grueber et al. (2011)
5231112Reichard et al. (2011)
Speciation and Hybridization2939709Chavez et al. (2011)
1418617Schmidt et al. (2011)
8368115Palma-Silva et al. (2011)
4591018Ricca et al. (2011)
25679113Bock et al. (2011)
228118Legrand et al. (2011)
256025Buonaccorsi et al. (2011)
N/A73106Field et al. (2011)
N/A25019Bohling & Waits (2011)
N/A678012Cullingham et al. (2011)
N/A1040110Thierry et al. (2011)
N/A446113Cabria et al. (2011)
710219Vergilino et al. (2011)
5N/A025Carlon & Lippe (2011)
N/A30116Pinzon & LaJeunesse (2011)
2152133Sacks et al. (2011)
Table 2.   Numbers of populations, individuals, organelles and single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) surveyed in studies published in Molecular Ecology from January to September 2011
Subject categoryNo. populationsNo. individualsNo. organellesNo. SNPsReferences
Ecological Genomics55760171Cubillos et al. (2011)
Ecological Interactions15105022Nestmann et al. (2011)
Molecular Adaptation261560768Prunier et al. (2011)
2186023Svetec et al. (2011)
Phylogeography70700384Hofinger et al. (2011)
Population and Conservation Genetics94660151Gomaa et al. (2011)
25725044 057Gautier & Naves (2011)
Speciation and Hybridization7989501536Wang et al. (2011)
30604081Stemshorn et al. (2011)
51960112Renaut et al. (2011)
2152151Sacks et al. (2011)
Table 3.   Numbers of populations, individuals, organelles and nuclear genes surveyed in studies published in Molecular Ecology from January to September 2011
Subject categoryNo. populationsNo. individualsNo. organellesNuclear genesReferences
Ecological Interactions4106311Tedersoo et al. (2011)
36402Morick et al. (2011)
4213401Kennedy et al. (2011)
Molecular Adaptation1536015Atyame et al. (2011)
Phylogeography1495012Fijarczyk et al. (2011)
512511Baird et al. (2011)
1910011Cooper et al. (2011)
N/A10803Gazis et al. (2011)
2329014Zhan et al. (2011)
1316105Morris-Pocock et al. (2011)
128113Nobre et al. (2011)
321111Triponez et al. (2011)
38713Portik et al. (2011)
N/A8511Hayward et al. (2011)
1120312Fernandez-Mendoza et al. (2011)
1323912Schoville et al. (2011)
2917601Etter et al. (2011)
4546305Roe et al. (2011)
N/A26612Turmelle et al. (2011)
1215012Lohse et al. (2011)
N/A6612Sarnat & Moreau (2011)
3317011Kokita & Nohara (2011)
Population and Conservation Genetics14140016Onge et al. (2011)
5010611Douglas et al. (2011)
N/A15102Le Rouzic et al. (2011)
N/A7313Welch et al. (2011)
212704McCairns et al. (2011)
Speciation and HybridizationN/A16211Barrett & Freudenstein (2011)
316716Dyer et al. (2011)
N/A9067Alamouti et al. (2011)
N/A187112Brelsford et al. (2011)
4040018Bimova et al. (2011)
32612Bird et al. (2011)
6301010Ouanes et al. (2011)
255217Wachowiak et al. (2011)
N/A35306Kiss et al. (2011)
777613Culumber et al. (2011)
Table 4.   Numbers of populations, individuals, organelles and amplified fragment length polymorphisms (AFLPs) surveyed in studies published in Molecular Ecology from January to September 2011
Subject categoryNo. populationsNo. individualsNo. organellesAFLPsReferences
Ecological Genomics82580609Midamegbe et al. (2011)
48703027Fischer et al. (2011)
Molecular Adaptation355500163Cox et al. (2011)
Phylogeography27310319Colbeck et al. (2011)
332251110Westergaard et al. (2011)
Population and Conservation Genetics241080257Irwin et al. (2011)
81840252Groot et al. (2011)
101960392Nunes et al. (2011)
62430521Croucher et al. (2011)
92670564Gonthier & Garbelotto (2011)
Speciation and HybridizationN/A1871311Brelsford et al. (2011)
N/A1621497Humphries & Winker (2011)

There are no real surprises. For example, an average of 17.4 microsatellite loci are employed in studies published in the journal in 2011 (Fig. 1; Table 1). The largest numbers of loci were assayed in studies of ‘Ecological Genomics’ and ‘Molecular Adaptation’ and the fewest in studies of ‘Kinship, Parentage and Behaviour’ (Fig. 1). This difference is reasonable given that many questions in the latter category can be answered with 6–10 loci, whereas there is almost no limit to the number of loci that can be useful in genome-wide scans for evidence of selection.

Approximately half of microsatellite studies in the subject categories ‘Phylogeography’ and ‘Speciation and Hybridization’ also include information on organellar variation. However, the inclusion of organellar data was less frequent in other subject areas and absent in studies of ‘Kinship, Parentage and Behaviour’ (Table 1).

The number of studies that employ single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) for inference about pattern and process in molecular ecology is too small to make meaningful comparisons between subject areas (Fig. 2; Table 2). Nonetheless, it is clear that the number of SNPs employed is typically more than 10 times that of microsatellites. This is not surprising given that SNPs are more amenable to high throughput genotyping than microsatellites. Because the information content of SNPs, which are bi-allelic, is much less than that of microsatellites, it is reassuring that the reduced information content per SNP is more than made up for by the greater number SNPs that are assayed in an average study when compared to microsatellites. Interestingly, unlike microsatellite studies, articles that reported on SNP variation rarely included organellar data.

Studies that employ nuclear genes for inference assay fewer loci than do comparable studies with microsatellite or SNP markers, although there are outlier studies (Fig. 3; Table 3). This is especially true for ‘Phylogeography’ studies or studies of ‘Ecological Interactions’ (Fig. 3). The relatively few nuclear genes assayed in many studies presumably reflect the time and expense associated with gathering sequence data for low-copy nuclear genes. Similar to the microsatellite studies, about half of the nuclear gene studies also assay variation in organellar DNA.

Amplified fragment length polymorphism (AFLP) studies are rapidly being replaced in Molecular Ecology by sequence-based markers such as SNPs and restriction site–associated DNA (RAD) sequencing. Nonetheless, a substantial number of AFLP studies were published in Molecular Ecology in 2011 (Fig. 4; Table 4). The information content of an AFLP fragment is very low because AFLPs are bi-allelic and dominant. Thus, it is reassuring that all AFLP studies published in Molecular Ecology employed >100 loci and most studies assayed between 200 and 600 loci.

In addition to the 155 studies listed in Tables 1–4, ten studies were published in Molecular Ecology during this period that were based solely on one or more organellar genes. Also, two of the studies that employed nuclear gene sequence data were based on a single gene. In total, 12 of 165 studies (7%) included in our survey are based on data from a single locus. Thus, while single locus studies are uncommon in the journal, they are not yet extinct. However, going forward we recommend that authors base their inferences on multiple loci if at all possible to ensure that their articles are sent out for review and are reviewed favourably by referees.

We also examined current standards with respect to the number of populations and individuals typically assayed in the different subject categories included in Molecular Ecology (Figs 5 and 6). Most studies analyse between 10 and 20 populations and between 200 and 500 individuals. There are two outlier subject categories: ‘Ecological Genomics’ studies typically analyse about half as many populations as studies from other subject areas (Fig. 5), whereas ‘Kinship, Parentage and Behaviour’ studies assay approximately three times more individuals than studies published in the other subject categories (Fig. 6). The latter observation is satisfying because studies in ‘Kinship, Parentage and Behaviour’ typically employ fewer loci than do studies in other categories, but make up for this by studying much larger numbers of individuals.

The data presented above are intended to provide guidance regarding the numbers of populations, individuals and loci that were perceived by editors and reviewers as acceptable for publication in Molecular Ecology. However, we anticipate that these standards will continue to evolve, with increasingly large data sets made feasible by improved technology and methodologies. Moreover, sampling strategies and marker choices should be designed to best address the question motivating the study. As we stress in our guide to authors, our main criterion is that studies utilize molecular genetic techniques to address consequential questions in ecology, evolution, behaviour and conservation. If your sampling scheme, molecular genetic approaches and data analyses strategies are well designed for investigating an important question in ecology or evolutionary biology, then your study stands a very good chance of being published in Molecular Ecology.

When should you make a complaint?

We handle a large volume of articles and sometimes make decisions that are unpopular with authors. While the majority of authors accept an unfavourable decision and make use of the feedback before submitting elsewhere, there are cases where it is worth contacting us to discuss the decision further. As there is sometimes confusion on what constitutes a valid reason for revisiting a decision, we have provided some guidance below regarding when a complaint is likely to be successful (an earlier version of this piece can be found at http://www.molecularecologist.com/).

To begin, here are some general suggestions that will make it more likely that a challenge will be successful. First, we recommend not contacting the journal immediately after receiving a decision you disagree with, as the tone of these complaint letters is seldom constructive. Second, avoid using ‘Reply All’ when passing decision letters to co-authors, particularly if you include some invective, as these messages sometimes come back to the journal. Third, before you launch a challenge, please check with your co-authors, as they may prefer to submit elsewhere instead.

It is worth noting that complaint letters that attempt to identify negative reviewers and dismiss their concerns on the grounds that they are prejudiced against your work are seldom successful. Guesses on reviewer identity are often wrong, and they also constitute an ad hominem attack on that person’s integrity. Furthermore, even if your nemesis did give a signed negative review, this is not grounds to overturn the decision. The editor was almost certainly aware of this issue when they decided to reject your article, and the rejection implies that the editor either agrees with their criticisms of your work or else based the rejection on comments of another referee.

Once you have had a few days to read through the decision, and you are still convinced that it is unfair, then compose a carefully worded letter that explains why the decision needs to be revisited. Be warned that challenging a decision along the following lines almost never works out:

  • – ‘You gave my paper a ‘reject, encourage resubmission’ decision, but it should have been an ‘acceptance with minor revisions’. For Molecular Ecology, a reject-encourage typically indicates that the article needs extensive changes (potentially including additional data) and that the editor wants to send it through the review process again. It is also generally best to respond to individual reviewer and editor comments as part of the resubmission rather than to challenge the decision itself.

  • – ‘Two of the reviewers loved it and only suggested minor edits, but Referee 3 was much more negative and made you reject it’. A decision is not based on an average of the review recommendations, and if the comments of Referee 3 convinced the editor that the article is flawed, no amount of adulation from reviewers who missed these problems is going to change that.

  • – ‘I accidentally included the wrong dataset/analyses/conclusions, and this is why the paper was rejected’. We can only review the materials that have been sent to us, so please check your manuscript files carefully before submitting.

  • – ‘You published a very similar paper back in 2006, so it is inconsistent to reject our manuscript now’. The field is constantly changing and the standards for publication are always moving higher. If your data and methods were cutting-edge five years ago, it saves everyone time if you submit to a more specialized journal. Furthermore, even if a manuscript similar to your own has appeared in the most recent issue, that accepted manuscript could have other merits that led to its acceptance. Please also bear in mind that we have likely already rejected numerous other similar articles this year, and those decisions are not made public.

  • – ‘We resubmitted our paper, but while the original reviewers liked the new version, the comments you received from the new referees made you reject it’. Molecular Ecology has a policy of only allowing one ‘reject, encourage resubmission’ per article, which prevents interminable rounds of ‘reject-encourage/resubmission/finding new reviewers/they find new problems/yet another reject-encourage’. Resubmitted articles do get accepted about 70% of the time, so clearly it is possible to prepare a new version that convinces both the original and the new reviewers that the manuscript is worth publishing. Lastly, if none of the original reviewers were able to look at the resubmission, our only option is to use new referees.

So when should you challenge a rejection? The reason that most often leads us to revisit a decision is evidence that the peer review process was flawed in some way that unfairly biased the evaluation of your article. For example, a reviewer might claim that a particular analysis is vital to your study. However, if the analysis is actually in the article and somehow neither the editor nor the reviewer noticed it, then certainly the decision would be revisited. Similarly, if a reviewer convinces the editor that some aspect of the methods is fundamentally flawed, but the criticism can be shown to be incorrect, then it would be worth appealing the decision.

It should be noted that while instances such as the two described above would be grounds for appeal, there is no guarantee that the decision will be overturned. It might be, for example, that there were other major flaws in the article that were largely responsible for its rejection rather than any mistakes made by the referees or editors. We do occasionally overturn decisions, and if we are convinced by the authors that a mistake was made in the review process resulting in a faulty decision, we will either alter the decision or invite a new version of the article. This is infrequent, about one in every 50 rejections, but it does happen!

Data accessibility

All data for this manuscript are given in Tables 1–4.


We are very grateful to the large number of individuals who have contributed to the field of molecular ecology by reviewing manuscripts for the journal. The following list contains people who reviewed articles for Molecular Ecology between 1 November 2010 and 15 October 2011.

Marco Abbiati

Patrick Abbot

Cathryn L. Abbott

Yoshihisa Abe

Maria Ana Aboim

Karina Acevedo-Whitehouse

Guillauve Achaz

Silvia Gonzalez Acinas

Jennifer R. Adams

Mark Adams

Sina Adl

Peter H. Adler

Aneil Agrawal

Andres Aguilar

O. Mario Aguilar

Ramiro Aguilar

Gabriela Aguileta

Robert Ahern

Dirk Ahrens

Sally N. Aitken

Mikael Akesson

Joshua Akey

Ihsan A. Al-Shehbaz

Cedric Alaux

Dirk Albach

Rafael G. Albaladejo

Filipe Alberto

Miguel Alcaide

Alexandre Aleixo

Jussi S. Alho

Sajid Ali

Robin Allaby

Dominique Allaine

François Allal

Geraldine A. Allen

Fred W. Allendorf

Dilara Ally

S. Elizabeth Alter

David Althoff

Diego F. Alvarado-S.

Nadir Alvarez

Paulo C. Alves

Anthony S. Amend

William Amos

Liselotte W. Andersen

Corey D. Anderson

Frank Anderson

Joseph H. Anderson

Kirk E. Anderson

Leif Andersson

Malte Andersson

Peter Andolfatto

Carl André

Nikos Andreakis

Marco Andrello

Rose L. Andrew

Cecile Ane

Lisa Angeloni

Bernard Angers

Stephen Ansell

Tiago Antao

Agostinho Antunes

José M. Aparicio

Joseph J. Apodaca

Julien April

Smita Apte

Hitoshi Araki

Frederick I. Archer

Elizabeth Archie

William R. Ardren

Paul Arens

Dave Armitage

Jean-Francois Arnaud

Sophie Arnaud-Haond

Matt Arnegard

Michael L. Arnold

J. W. (Pim) Arntzen

Rosa Arroyo-Garcia

Wolfgang Arthofer

Tom Artois

Rebekka Artz

Nadia Aubin-Horth

Ralf Aurahs

Didier Aurelle

Frederic Austerlitz

Jeremy Austin

Brian J. Avery

John Avise

Diego Ayala

David Ayre

Debra Ayres

Abdu F. Azad

Eric Baack

Wieslaw Babik

Roberto Bacilieri

Niclas Backstrom

Cecile Bacles

C. F. Baer

A.-G. Bagnères-Urbany

Wei-Ning Bai

Donovan Bailey

John Bailey

John Baines

Andrew Baird

Allan J. Baker

Robert Baker

Christopher Balakrishnan

Jose Luis Balcazar

David Balding

Laura Baldo

N. Balkenhol

Sam C. Banks

Anna A. Bannikova

Anne-Laure Bañuls

Paul H. Barber

Martin J. Barbetti

Britany Barker

Daniel Barker

Marta Barluenga

Apurba K. Barman

Ian Barnes

Ross Barnett

Craig Barrett

Rowan Barrett

Nicholas V. Bartell

Nick Barton

Detlef Bartsch

Patrick Basset

Arnaud Bataille

P. Bauda

Alex Baumel

Iliana B. Baums

Line K. Bay

Eric Bazin

Gemma Beatty

Jean Beaulieu

Nicolas Bech

Ronan Becheler

Trevor Bedford

Trevor Beebee

Peter Beerli

Dominik Begerow

Adi Behar

Luciano B. Beheregaray

Rayna C. Bell

Thomas Bell

Eva Bellemain

Gilles Bena

Keith Bennett

Stephen J. Bent

Paul Bentzen

E. C. Berg

Sara Bergek

Sarah Bergemann

Patrick Bergeron

Stewart Berlocher

Giacomo Bernardi

Daniel Berner

Theresa M. Bert

Domonique Berteaux

Karine Berthier

Cécile Berthouly

Stefan Bertilsson

Giorgio Bertorelle

Martine Berube

Nora Besansky

Guillaume Besnard

Ricardo Betancur-R.

Martin Beye

Etienne Bezault

Debashish Bhattacharya

Ryan Bickel

Martin Bidartondo

Roman Biek

Sarah Arnao Billeter

Christopher Bird

C. W. Birky

Andrew Bissett

Annie Bissonnette

Marcia Bitondi

Mats Bjorklund

Benjamin Keir Blackman

Roger Blackman

Kai Blaisell

Simon Blanchet

Frank Blattner

Walter Bleeker

Michael S. Blouin

Peter Boag

Lynne Boddy

M.-B. Bogeat-Triboulot

Justin H. Bohling

Andrew J. Bohonak

Simon Boitard

Jennifer L. Bollmer

Daniel Bolnick

Sören Bolte

Kirsten Bomblies

Francois Bonhomme

Camille Bonneaud

Zbigniew Boratynski

Justin Borevitz

Bertil Borg

Céline Born

Giomar H. Borrero-Pérez

J. L. Bossart

Oliver Bossdorf

J. Bossenbroek

Javier Botto

Didier Bouchon

Pierre Boudry

Elizabeth G. Boulding

Andrew Bourke

Pierre Boursot

Nicholas Bouskill

Jean Bousquet

Juan Bouzat

Brian Bowen

Rauri C. K. Bowie

Sarah Boyer

Adam R. Boyko

Preben Boysen

Ian Bradbury

Daniel G. Bradley

Michelle L. Braley

Sara Branco

Yaniv Brandvain

Kari-Anne Brathen

Daniel A. Brazeau

Felix Breden

Carina Brehony

Alan Brelsford

Adrian C. Brennan

Rick Brenneman

Amanda Bretman

Catherine M. Breton

Abra Brisbin

Dustin Brisson

Jennifer A. Brisson

Patrícia Brito

Reinaldo Brito

Michael Brockhurst

Eden Bromfield

John Brookfield

Christopher P. Brooks

Thomas Broquet

Andrew V. Z. Brower

Jonathan Brown

Joseph Brown

Joshua E. Brown

Richard Brown

Tony Brown

Ivano Brunner

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Thomas Buckley

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Kornel Burg

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Margaret Byrne

Ana Caicedo

Federico Calboli

Ryan Calsbeek

J. J. Calvete

Arley Camargo

Elissa Cameron

Kristina M. Cammen

Malcolm Campbell

Daniele Canestrelli

Michael Canino

Charles Cannon

Lorenzo Capucci

Margarida Cardoso-Moreira

Karen Carleton

Matthew Carling

David B. Carlini

Jens Carlsson

Jim Carlton

Ana Carnaval

Joana Carneiro da Silva

Steven Carr

Fabian Carriconde

Reed A. Cartwright

Gary Carvalho

Andrea Case

Griet Casteleyn

Maria C. Castellanos

Michael Caterino

Juli Caujapé-Castells

Stephen Cavers

Alejandro Centeno-Cuadros

Martin Cerny

Chris Chabot

Prosanta Chakrabarty

Frank Chan

Lauren Chan

Demian D. Chapman

Joanne R. Chapman

Mark Chapman

Robert W. Chapman

David G. Chapple

Elodie Chapuis

Marie-Pierre Chapuis

Michel Chapuisat

Nathalie Charbonnel

Christiane Charest

Sylvain Charlat

Deborah Charlesworth

Marie Charpentier

Carine Charron

Chaolun A. Chen

Yolanda H. Chen

Stephen Chenoweth

Pierre-Olivier Cheptou

Zac Cheviron

T. Y. Chiang

Lounès Chikhi

James E. Chiucchi

Patrick I. Chiyo

Bruno Chomel

Philippe Christe

Richard Christen

Mark R. Christie

Ka Hou Chu

Myong Gi Chung

Angelica Cibrian

Francesco Cicconardi

Roberta Cimmaruta

M. Ciosi

Alberto Civetta

Elizabeth L. Clare

Nathan Clark

Keith Clay

Sonya Clegg

Kendall Clements

Andrew Cockburn

Reginald Cocroft

Anthony Cognato

Fred Cohan

Bruno Colas

Robert I. Colautti

Gabriel Colbeck

John Colbourne

Melinda A. Coleman

Don Colgan

Rosane Collevatti

Caroline Colliard

Robin Collins

Sinead Collins

Jan Colpaert

David Combosch

Hans-Peter Comes

Leonardo Congiu

Tim Connallon

Chris Conroy

Sofia Consuegra

Gina Conte

James Cook

Lyn G. Cook

Marco Coolen

Arielle Cooley

Graham M. Coop

Steven J. B. Cooper

W. James Cooper

Alex Cordoba-Aguilar

Adrienne Correa

Emmanuel Corse

Paolo Cortesi

Jean-François Cosson

Carlo Costantini

Ivan Couée

Aurélie Coulon

Sarah Courbis

Salvatore Cozzolino

Timothy Craig

Kelly D. Craven

Allan Crawford

Joanne Crawford

Teresa J. Crease

Bernard J. Crespi

Erica Crespi

Charles D. Criscione

Erika Crispo

Melania E. A. Cristescu

Pierre-Andre Crochet

Tom Cross

Shannan Crow

Robert H. Cruickshank

Greg Crutsinger

Mitchell Cruzan

Francisco Cubillos

Yujun Cui

Catherine I. Cullingham

Molly Cummings

Larry Curtis

Thomas Curtis

Asher D. Cutter

Fernando Mendonça d’Horta

Anders Goncalves da Silva

Jeffrey M. DaCosta

Love Dalén

Toby S. Daly-Engel

Anne C. Dalziel

Hongyue Dang

Tim Daniell

Chris Darimont

John A. Darling

Henri Darmency

Jeffrey S. Davey

Patrice David

William S. Davidson

Samantha Davies

Emily S. Davis

Michael Dawson

Marta De Barba

Henrik H. de Fine Licht

Gerdien de Jong

Guillaume de Lafontaine

Thierry De Meeûs

Sophie de Proce

Kevin de Queiroz

L. de Souza Rocha

Bruce E. Deagle

Wilhelm DeBeer

Ellen Decaestecker

Eric DeChaine

Bernd Degen

Jeremiah Degenhardt

James Degnan

Sandie Degnan

Jacob F. Degner

Mary Delany

Lynda Delph

Stefan Dennenmoser

Lou Densmore

Nicolas Derome

David Des Marais

Michael K. DeSalvo

Philippe Deschamps

Aurélie Deveau

Sébastien Devillard

Andrew DeWoody

Jennifer DeWoody

Randy DeYoung

Joseph DiBattista

Carl Dick

Christopher Dick

Ian Dickie

Timothy A. Dickinson

Andreas Diefenbach

Onno E. Diekmann

Li Ding

Niels Dingemanse

Jose Alexandre F. Diniz-Filho

Mélanie Dionne

Sergey Dobretsov

F. S. Dobson

Stephen Dobson

Julian Dodson

Isabelle Domaizon

David Douds

Angela E. Douglas

Norman A. Douglas

Greg Douhan

Claudie Doums

Tom Dowling

Christine Dreyer

Sergei V. Drovetski

Sylvain Dubey

Pierre Duchesne

Thomas Duda

Siobain Duffy

France Dufresne

Alex J. Dumbrell

Jerome Duminil

Susie Dunham

Walt Dunlap

Peter Dunn

Stacey J. Dunn

Glenn J. Dunshea

Micah Dunthorn

Isabelle Dupanloup

Lise Dupont

Anne Duputié

Eric Y. Durand

Jean-Dominique Durand

Olivier Duron

Cyril Dutech

David Duvernell

Rodney Dyer

Jacqualyn Eales

Dieter Ebert

Andrew Eckert

Lutz Eckstein

Alexis Edwards

Christine Edwards

Danielle L. Edwards

Ivan Edwards

Owain Edwards

Scott V. Edwards

Scott P. Egan

Keith Egger

Luis Eguiarte

Pernille B. Eidesen

Sigurd Einum

Eduardo Eizirik

Robert Ekblom

Barbara Ekbom

Jan Ekman

Mogbel A. A. El-Niweiri

Mark Eldridge

Willy Eldridge

Marianne Elias

Hans Ellegren

Ryan Ellingson

Jonathan Ellis

Chris Ellison

Norm Ellstrand

Kathryn R. Elmer

James Elser

Kevin Emerson

Virginia J. Emery

Nancy Endersby

Philip England

Jérôme Enjalbert

Richard Ennos

Laura S. Epp

Clinton Epps

Nathalie Escaravage

Marcial Escudero

Anahí Espíndola

Genoveva Esteban

Pedro J. Esteves

Pascal Eusemann

Guillaume Evanno

Melissa Evans

Tyler G. Evans

Warren Ewens

Ron I. Eytan

Anna Fabiani

Bruno Fady

Steve Fain

Dan Faith

Gwen Falony

Leanne Faulks

Cecile Fauvelot

Guido Favia

J. C. Fay

Aron J. Fazekas

Paul Fearnhead

Jeffrey Feder

Vadim Fedorov

Edward J. Feil

Heike Feldhaar

Kevin A. Feldheim

Stephane Fenart

Brian Fenton

Brock Fenton

Juan F. Fernández-Manjarrés

Fernando Fernandez-Mendoza

Marco Festa-Bianchet

Gentile F. Ficetola

David L. Field

Christian C. Figueroa

Dmitri Filatov

Bill Finch-Savage

Reiner Finkeldey

Debra Finn

Martin C. Fischer

Matt Fisher

David J. Fishman

Alastair Fitter

Rich FitzJohn

Benjamin Fitzpatrick

Jon Fjeldså

Ian Fleming

Alex Florez-Rodriguez

Matthieu Foll

D. Foltz

Dina M. Fonseca

Vera G. Fonseca

Diego Fontaneto

Brian Ford-Lloyd

Matthew L. Forister

Naomi Forrester

Lars Forsberg

Par Forslund

Marie-Josee Fortin

William Foster

Elisabeth Fournier

Alexandre Fournier-Level

Olivier Francois

Philipp Franken

Michelle T. Franklin

Adrien Frantz

Alain Frantz

Devaughn Fraser

Timothy R. Frasier

Adam Freedman

Thales Renato O. de Freitas

Melissa Frey

Elizabeth Friar

Claudia Fricke

Jannice Friedman

Vicki L. Friesen

Ville-Petri Friman

Marc Frischer

Jens C. Frisvad

Katie Frith

Uwe Fritz

Crystal L. Frost

Elsa Froufe

Javier Fuertes

Matthew Fujita

Luca Fumagalli

Daniel J. Funk

W. Chris Funk

Andreas Futschik

Jürgen Gadau

Patrick Gaffney

Sarig Gafny

Pierre-Alexandre Gagnaire

Oliver Gailing

Michelle R. Gaither

Pierre E. Galand

Kurt Galbreath

Peter Galbusera

Juan Galindo

Holly Ganz

Jessica Garb

Matteo Garbelotto

Pascale Garcia

Cristina García

Carlos Garcia de Leaniz

Monique Gardes

Michael G. Gardner

Trenton Garner

Ryan C. Garrick

Colin J. Garroway

John Carlos Garza

John Gaskin

Martha Gauthier

Sergey Gavrilets

Romina O. Gazis

Eli Geffen

Jonathan Geller

József Geml

Neil J. Gemmell

Anne Genissel

Nicole M. Gerardo

Roberto Geremia

Gabriele Gerlach

Aleeza C. Gerstein

A. J. Gharrett

Fabrizio Ghiselli

H. Lisle Gibbs

Jean-Michel Gibert

Robert Gibson

Phillip Gienapp

Thomas Giger

Luis Gil

James D. J. Gilbert

Thomas Gilbert

John Gilbey

Navdeep Gill

Stephen Giovannoni

Pierre Gladieux

Angela R. Glatston

Joanna Gliwicz

Kevin Glover

Kathleen S. Gobush

Frederick Goetz

Erica Goetze

Koichi Goka

Caren S. Goldberg

Sharyn Goldstien

Africa Gomez

Zachariah Gompert

J. Gonzalez

Juan Gonzalez

Santiago González-Martínez

Antonio González-Rodríguez

Ana M. González-Tizón

Sara Goodacre

Michael Goodisman

Kari R. Goodman

Simon Goodman

David Gopurenko

Fraser Gormley

Anna Goropashnaya

Toni Gossmann

Susumu Goto

Jerome Goudet

Tamar Goulet

Dave Goulson

Jennifer Gow

Andrew Y. Gracey

John Grahame

William S. Grant

Jacob Gratten

Tabitha Graves

Rita Graze

Anthony Greenberg

Matthew Greenstone

Simon Griffith

Andrea Grill

Micheline Grillet

Cortland Griswald

Delphine Grivet

Astrid T. Groot

Richard Grosberg

Briana L. Gross

Martin Grube

Catherine E. Grueber

Niklaus Grünwald

Herve Gryta

Felix Gugerli

Paul F. Gugger

Jian Fang Gui

Frederic Guillaume

Thomas Guillemaud

Gilles Guillot

Bruno Guinand

Christoph R. Haag

Ryan J. Haasl

Jarrod Hadfield

Matthew Hahn

Frank Hailer

Dominik Halas

Fabien Halkett

David Hall

Koji Hamasaki

Richard C. Hamelin

Gabriel L. Hamer

Matthew B. Hamilton

Jenna Hamlin

Arndt Hampe

Jim Hamrick

Robert A. Haney

Michael M. Hansen

Ilkka Hanski

Thor Hanson

Sveinn Hanssen

Bengt Hansson

Yoshie Hanzawa

Tilmann Harder

Christopher M. Hardy

Nate Hardy

Luke Harmon

Bettina Harr

Tom Harrington

James Harris

Stephen Harris

Shimon Harrus

Tamara S. Haselkorn

Martin Hasselmann

Bernhard Haubold

Heidi C. Hauffe

Lorenz Hauser

Thure P. Hauser

Mark Haussmann

Julie Havens

Alexander Hayward

Michael Heads

Daniel D. Heath

Gerald Heckel

Marshal C. Hedin

Philip W. Hedrick

Matthew Hegarty

Jan Heggenes

Hanna M. Heidel-Fischer

Martin Heil

Jack Heinemann

Berthold Heinze

Evon R. Hekkala

Heikki Helanterä

Veronique Helfer

Michael Hellberg

Rasmus Heller

David Hembry

Frederik Hendrickx

Andrew Hendry

Daniel A. Henk

Ian Henry

Philippe Henry

Michael Henshaw

Fabian Herder

Carlos M. Herrera

Myriam Heuertz

David Hibbett

Donal Hickey

Mohamed Hijri

Ryan I. Hill

Chris Himes

Akira Hirao

Sarah M. Hird

Galice Hoarau

Anders Hobaek

Asger Hobolth

Axel Hochkirch

Susan Hoebee

A. R. Hoelzel

Eric Hoffman

Joe I. Hoffman

Ary Hoffmann

Federico Hoffmann

Matthias Hoffmann

Michael Hofreiter

Nils Hogberg

Jacob Höglund

Paul A. Hohenlohe

Rolf Holderegger

Kay E. Holekamp

Jason A. Holliday

Edward Holmes

Kent E. Holsinger

Oliver P. Höner

Rodney L. Honeycutt

Hajime Honma

Danny A. P. Hooftman

John B. Horne

Claire Horner-Devine

Conrad J. Hoskin

Daniel Howard

Henry Howe

N. Howell

Shuijin Hu

Huateng Huang

Shong Huang

Julie Huber

Elise Huchard

Alan Hudson

Joel A. Huey

Raymond Huey

Ruth Hufbauer

Matthew B. Hufford

Andrew Hugall

Austin Hughes

David Hughes

Jane M. Hughes

Randall Hughes

Roger Hughes

William Hughes

P. Hulva

Anna K. Hundsdoerfer

Greg Hunt

James H. Hunt

Molly Hunter

Greg Hurst

Luis Hurtado

Tina Huyse

Kevin Hyde

Kamal Ibrahim

Hajime Ikeda

Juan Carlos Illera

Katriina L. Ilves

Krista Ingram

Pär Ingvarsson

David Innes

Eiji Inoue

Nancy Irwin

Nathalie Isabelle

Farah Ishtiaq

Hiroyoshi Iwata

Kim Jaatinen

Jennifer Jackson

Nathan Jackson

Frode Jacobsen

Hans Jacquemyn

John Jaenike

Sabine S. Jakob

Euan K. James

Karen James

Patrick M. A. James

Tim James

Ian G. Jamieson

Julie Jaquiéry

Simon Jarman

Philippe Jarne

Susan Jarvi

Tania Jenkins

Henrik Jensen

Christopher L. Jerde

Mark Jervis

Julie Jeukens

Chris Jiggins

Frank Jiggins

Jes Johannesen

Kerstin Johannesson

Helena Johansson

Mattias Johansson

Collin H. Johnson

Eric Johnson

Jarrett R. Johnson

Warren E. Johnson

Susan E. Johnston

Ian Joint

Jukka Jokela

Clifford Jolly

Thibaut Jombart

Adam G. Jones

F. Andy Jones

Gareth Jones

Joseph Jones

R. Neil Jones

Stéphane Joost

Bjarte Jordal

Per Erik Jorde

Tove H. Jorgensen

Leo Joseph

Lou Jost

Jeff B. Joy

Carlos Juan

Alistair Jump

Klaus Jürgens

Martin Kalbe

Thomas Källman

Ming Kang

Stephen A. Karl

Eric F. Karlin

Robert C. Karn

Timothy Karr

Jordan Karubian

Havard Kauserud

Kathleen M. Kay

Michael Kearney

Anna M. Kearns

Devon Keeney

Jukka Kekäläinen

Jaana Kekkonen

Irene Keller

Laurent Keller

Lukas Keller

Joanna Kelley

Katrin Kellner

Ryan Kelly

Bart Kempenaers

Frank Kempken

Ellen L. Kenchington

Angela Kent

J. Scott Keogh

Carole Kerdelhué

Attila Kereszt

Gaël J. Kergoat

Andrew Kern

Gerald Kerth

Prasad R. Kesanakurti

Richard Kesseli

Kostya Khalturin

Fathiya M. Khamis

Mari Kimura

Andrew King

Matthew G. King

Tim King

Joel Kingsolver

Michael Kinnison

Heather Kirk

Lawrence Kirkendall

Levente Kiss

Jun Kitano

James Kitson

Marcelo J. Kittlein

Rasmus Kjoller

Selma Klanten

Rebecca Klaper

Etienne K. Klein

Hope Klug

Brian Knaus

Rob Knight

Theresa Knopp

Karelyn E. Knott

S. Koblmuller

Marcus Koch

Sarah Kocher

Tom Kocher

Roger Koide

Jason Kolbe

Heino Konrad

Anna M. Kopps

Michael Kosoy

Petr Kotlik

Vassiliki Koufopanou

Ken Kraaijeveld

Andrea T. Kramer

Robert Kraus

S. L. Krauss

Antoine Kremer

Asta Krizanauskiene

Daniel Kronauer

Marcus R. Kronforst

Matthias Kropf

Sergei V. Kruskop

Laura Kubatko

Karen B. Kubow

Shawn Kuchta

Rolf Kuemmerli

Clemens Kuepper

Kristen L. Kuhn

Katarzyna Kulma

Samit Kundu

Axel Künstner

Markus Kunzler

Tom Kursar

Laura Kvist

Christopher Kyle

Eileen Lacey

Marc-Andre Lachance

Hania Lada

Shawn W. Laffan

Christian Laforsch

Carles Lalueza-Fox

X. Lambin

Kathrin Lampert

Hayley Lan

Melanie Lancaster

Stacey L. Lance

Tonya A. Lander

Erin L. Landguth

F. Landmann

Oscar Lao

Maarten H. D. Larmuseau

Peter F. Larsen

Greger Larson

Shawn Larson

E. Larsson

Lena Larsson

Martin Lascoux

Howard Lasker

Emily Latch

Amparo Latorre

Robert G. Latta

Michael Lattorff

Ane T. Laugen

Lucinda P. Lawson

Amy Lawton-Rauh

Anna Lazzaro

Mickael Le Gac

Jean-François Le Galliard

Pascaline Le Gouar

Johannes Le Roux

Arnaud Le Rouzic

Adam Leaché

Simon Leather

Paul Leberg

Christophe Lebigre

Raphael Leblois

Erica H. Leder

Jean-Baptiste Ledoux

Patricia Lee

Taehwan Lee

Julie A. Lee-Yaw

Tristan Lefebure

Delphine Legrand

Jean-Luc Legras

Laurent Lehmann

Tovi Lehmann

Paula Lehtonen

Runhua Lei

Tuomas Leinonen

Christophe Lemaire

Emily C. M. Lemmon

Luc Lens

Tobias L. Lenz

Jennifer Leonard

Olivier Lepais

Matthieu Leray

Enrique P. Lessa

Michael P. Lesser

Harilaos Lessios

Gerhard Leubner

Adrian Leuchtmann

Jonathan Levine

Mia Levine

D. R. Levitan

Esther Levy

Meng-Hua Li

Miriam Liedvogel

Jan Lifjeld

Celeste Linde

Anna Lindholm

Dan Lindner

Catherine Linnen

Katrin Linse

Sebastien Lion

Dorn Lisa

D. P. Little

T. J. Little

Jianquan Liu

Liang Liu

Shu-Sheng Liu

Curt Lively

Ana Llopart

James Lloyd-Smith

Eugenia Y. Y. Lo

Sabrina Lo Brutto

Simon Loader

Jorge Lobo

Sean A. Locke

Julie Lockwood

David J. Lohman

Konrad Lohse

Claire Loiseau

Bette Loiselle

Eric Lombaert

Tristan Long

Maria S. Lopes

Carlos Lopez-Vaamonde

Marce D. Lorenzen

Jonathan Losos

Stephen C. Lougheed

Ed Louis

Nathan Lovejoy

Irby Lovette

Andrew Lowe

Benjamin Lowe

Winsor Lowe

David Lowry

Hugh Loxdale

Jeffrey D. Lozier

Xin Lu

Yingqing Lu

Kay Lucek

Arne Ludwig

Dieter Lukas

Vimoksalehi Lukoschek

Max Lundberg

Yonghai Luo

Emilien Luquet

Pieternella Luttikhuizen

Amy Luxbacher

Martine Maan

Barbara Mable

Erasmo Macaya

Stuart MacDonald

Carlos A. Machado

Milos Macholan

Hugh Macisaac

Simon MacKenzie

Mark Macnair

Thomas Madsen

Gregory Maes

Bettina Mahler

Julien Mainguy

Hannu I. Mäkinen

Anna Malacrida

Jason Malaney

Jesús E. Maldonado

Anita Malhotra

Jim Mallet

Ferruccio Maltagliati

Bohumil Mandák

Jennifer Mandel

Stéphanie Manel

Jean-Francois Manen

Judith Mank

Sayaka Mansai

Paula Marchelli

Kerry Marchinko

Patrick Mardulyn

Stefano Mariani

Peter Marko

Peter Markov

Therese Markow

Luana Maroja

Fabio Marroni

Clare D. Marsden

Katharine A. Marske

Lynn B. Martin

Noland Martin

Sara Martin

Josué Martínez-de la Puente

Mónica Martínez-Fernández

Esperanza Martínez-Romero

Iñigo Martínez-Solano

Natália Martínková

Vincent G. Martinson

Alfonso Marzal

Silvia Mascheretti

Grazia Masciandaro

Andrew Mason

Ryuichi Masuda

Jill M. Mateo

Mariana Mateos

Peter Mather

Marjorie Matocq

Michael Matschiner

Diethart Matthies

Daniel Matute

Jesus A. Mavarez

Patrick Mavingui

Bernie May

R. J. Scott McCairns

Michael McCartney

John E. McCormack

Karen McCoy

John H. McCusker

Megan McCusker

John McCutcheon

Shannon McDermott

Allan D. McDevitt

Bruce McDonald

Tamara M. McGovern

Alistair McGregor

Kurt McKean

Niall J. McKeown

Jason S. McLachlan

Michael J. McLeish

Allan Mcrae

Lisa Meadows

Thomas Meagher

John Measey

Matthew Medeiros

Monica Medina

Raul F. Medina

Jon Mee

Mariah H. Meek

Michael H. Meeuwig

Emese Meglécz

Thomas Mehner

Kristian Meier

Patrick G. Meirmans

Richard Meisel

Martim Melo

José Melo-Ferreira

Kristin Mercer

Joachim Mergeay

Juha Merilä

Jessica Metcalf

Isabelle Meusnier

Claire-Lise Meyer

Eli Meyer

Yvonne Meyer-Lucht

Laura Meyerson

Johan Michaux

Nicole Mideo

Alexander S. Mikheyev

Borja Mila

Allison Miller

Karen J. Miller

Kimberly A. Miller

Kristina M. Miller

Mathew Miller

Michael R. Miller

Wolfgang Miller

Richard I. Milne

Emmanuel Milot

Eugene Milus

Andreia Miraldo

Suparna Mitra

Sara Mitri

Maria D. Moccia

Karen E. Mock

Armin Moczek

Yvan Moënne-Loccoz

Jean Molina

Stefano Mona

Thibaud Monnin

Jean Sebastien Moore

Jennifer A. Moore

Richard C. Moore

Camilo Mora

Paula Vasconcelos Morais

Emily V. Moran

Corrie Moreau

Katy Morgan

Phillip A. Morin

Craig Moritz

Peter L. Morrell

Cheryl L. Morrison

Philip K. Morton

Rosa Moscarella

Benoît Moury

Jakob C. Mueller

Graham Muir

Lynne Mullen

Daniel Muller

Joaquín Muñoz

Jason Munshi-South

Melanie A. Murphy

Robert W. Murphy

William Murphy

Edward Myers

Benoit Nabholz

Diane Nacci

Michael W. Nachman

Yamama Naciri

Lisha Naduvilezhath

Satoshi Nagai

Russell Naisbit

Shinichi Nakagawa

David R. Nash

John Nason

Maria Navajas

Miguel Navascués

Dan Neafsey

Linda E. Neaves

Maurine Neiman

Jens Nejstgaard

Rob W. Ness

Julio M. Neto

Samuel Neuenschwander

Kevin K. Newsham

Kevin K. S. Ng

James A. Nicholls

Krista Nichols

Caroline M. J. Nieberding

Einar E. Nielsen

Gonzalo N. Feliner

Raisa Nikula

Rick Nipper

Kevin Y. Njabo

Arne W. Nolte

Brice Noonan

Benjamin Normark

D. Ryan Norris

Stephen J. Novak

Flavia Nunes

Scott Nunes

Vera L. Nunes

Agus Nuryanto

Marie Nydam

Tommi Nyman

Jack O’Brien

Eric M. O’Neill

Jaime Oaks

Darren Obbard

Sylvie Oddou-Muratorio

Katharina Oetjen

Kyohsuke Ohkawara

Takafumi Ohsawa

Issei Ohshima

Beth Okamura

John B. A. Okello

Juanita Olano-Marin

Ben Oldroyd

Marjorie F. Oleksiak

Matthew K. Oliver

Tom Oliver

Jeffrey B. Olsen

Kenneth M. Olsen

Lucretia E. Olson

Matt Olson

Mats Olsson

Elen Oneal

Lars Opgenoorth

Maarja Öpik

Dorcas Orengo

Ludovic Orlando

Luisa Orsini

Jorge Ortega

Guillermo Orti

Naoki Osada

Kjartan Ostbye

Mónica A. García Otálora

James Ott

James Ottea

Kym M. Ottewell

Sarah P. Otto

Richard Ottvall

Jennifer R. Ovenden

Robin Owen

Ken Oyama

Annalise Paaby

Martin Paeckert

Gecele M. Paggi

Ferran Palero

Clarisse Palma-Silva

Anna E. Palmé

Per J. Palsboll

Friso P. Palstra

Pekka Pamilo

John Pannell

Jelena Pantel

Anna Papa

Anna Papadopoulou

Alexander S. T. Papadopulos

Theodore Papenfuss

Thomas Parchman

Laura Parducci

Christian Parisod

Kathleen C. Parker

Patricia G. Parker

Juan L.Parra

Marta Pascual

Steve Paterson

Francesco P. Patti

Octavio S. Paulo

Steffen Pauls

Ovidiu Paun

Joana Pauperio

Maxime Pauwels

Scott A. Pavey

David C. Pavlacky

P. Pavlidis

Robert J. Paxton

Bret A. Payseur

Mary M. Peacock

Rod Peakall

Peter B. Pearman

Tobin L. Peever

Katja Peijnenburg

Ursula Peintner

Alvaro Peix

Ondřej Peksa

Tara Pelletier

Josephine Pemberton

Elena L. Peredo

Santiago Perez

Javier Pérez-González

Javier Pérez-Tris

Noah Perlut

Leon Perrie

Charles Perrier

Nicolas Perrin

Melissa Pespeni

Benjamin M. Peter

Klaus Peter

Jeffrey L. Peters

Jessica L. Petersen

Stephen D. Petersen

Eric Petit

Odile Petit

Markus Pfenninger

Michael Pfrender

Ivan C. Phillipsen

Antoinette Piaggio

Xavier Picó

Michele Piercey-Normore

Stuart Piertney

Alexander Pigot

David S. Pilliod

Malgorzata Pilot

Daniel Piñero

Fabio Pinheiro

Catarina Pinho

Malin L. Pinsky

C. W. Pirk

Trevor Pitcher

Sean P. Place

Olivier Plantard

Andrea R. Pluess

Monica Poelchau

Grant H. Pogson

Hendrik Poinar

Jocelyn Poissant

Maxi Polihronakis

Bart Pollux

Estella Poloni

C. Pomilla

Francois Pompanon

John Pool

Melody Porlier

Andrea Porras-Alfaro

Gordon Port

T. Porter

Erik Postma

David Pot

Chantal Poteaux

Robert Poulin

Michael Poulsen

Rodolphe Poupardin

Helen Poynton

Hannu Pöysä

Daniel Prati

Craig Primmer

Christian Printzen

Heike Pröhl

Jim Prosser

Jim Provan

Christin L. Pruett

Franck Prugnolle

Julien Prunier

Benoit Pujol

Anne Pusey

Gary Puterka

Tanja Pyhäjärvi

Robert A. Pyron

Ying-Xiong Qiu

Joseph Quattro

Swee Peck Quek

David C. Queller

Chris Quince

Thomas Quinn

Lars Råberg

Jacek Radwan

Jeroen Raes

Joost A. M. Raeymaekers

Nichola Raihani

Peter L. Ralph

Steven Ralph

Alisa P. Ramakrishnan

David Rand

Ettore Randi

Nathan E. Rank

Rachel J. Ravago-Gotanco

Daniel Read

David J. Read

Mark Rebeiz

Sushma Reddy

Rosie Redfield

Carol Reeb

David H. Reed

Ruth Reef

Jennifer R. Reeve

Noah M. Reid

Celine M. O. Reisser

Sébastien Renaut

Susan C. P. Renn

Thorsten B. H. Reusch

Robert G. Reynolds

Jennifer Rhode Ward

Olin E. Rhodes

Ignacio Ribera

Allen L. Richards

Christina L. Richards

Christopher M. Richards

David S. Richardson

Jonathan Richardson

Alex Richter-Boix

Robert E. Ricklefs

Ciro Rico

Markus Riegler

Michelle Riehle

Cynthia Riginos

Kaisa Rikalainen

Eleanor Riley

Ana Rincon

Max Ringler

Jean B. Ristaino

M. G. Ritchie

Kermit Ritland

Eric Rittmeyer

Eric H. Roalson

Martha Robbins

Jeanne M. Robertson

Cécile Robin

Charles Robin

Stacie Robinson

Juan J. Robledo-Arnuncio

Luiz A. Rocha

Oscar J. Rocha

Benjamin Roche

George K. Roderick

Russell J. Rodriguez

Javier A. Rodríguez

Mauricio Rodriguez-Lanetty

Amanda D. Roe

Gary W. Roemer

Derek Roff

Alex D. Rogers

Marco Rohlfs

Sievert A. Rohwer

Isabel Roldán-Ruiz

Gregor Rolshausen

Rouvay Roodt-Wilding

Jeffrey Root

Ulises Rosas

Christiane Roscher

Erica B. Rosenblum

Soren Rosendahl

Howard A. Ross

Kenneth G. Ross

Stephen Rossiter

Rodolphe Rougerie

Virginie Rougeron

Corinne Rouland-Lefevre

Jeffrey R. Row

Denis Roy

Mélanie Roy

James W. Rudge

Seth Rudman

Manuel Ruedi

Kristen C. Ruegg

Olav Rueppell

A. F. Russell

Jacob A. Russell

Joanne Russell

Linda Y. Rutledge

Daniel Ruzzante

Peter G. Ryan

Melody Rynerson

Carlos Saavedra

Joel Sachs

Benjamin N. Sacks

Glenn-Peter Saetre

Eric Saillant

Nicola Saino

Daisuke Saisho

Kristin Saltonstall

Walter Salzburger

Sarah Samadi

Jose P. Sampaio

Eugenia M. Sampayo

Juan A. Sánchez

Christoph Sandrock

Oris Sanjur

Scott Ross Santos

Anna W. Santure

Rebecca Sardell

Eli M. Sarnat

Fábio Sarubbi Raposo do Amaral

Jordan Satler

Wesley K. Savage

Outi Savolainen

Joseph Schacherer

Joseph J. Schall

Lukas Schärer

Michael Scharf

Helmut Schaschl

Christoph Scheidegger

Kristina A. Schierenbeck

Bernd Schierwater

Florian Schiestl

Ulrich Schliewen

Philipp Schlueter

Paul Schmaltzer

Jochen Schmid

Karl Schmid

Paul Schmid-Hempel

Thomas Schmitt

Andrew F. Schnabel

Gerald M. Schneeweiss

David Schneider

Martin Schnittler

Gerhard Schoefl

Isabelle Schön

Gabriele Schonian

Valerie Schoof

Sean D. Schoville

Carsten Schradin

Michael Schranz

Aaron W. Schrey

Natalie M. Schrey

Sabine Schrimpf

Hinrich Schulenburg

Oliver Schülke

James A. Schulte

Patricia M. Schulte

Jennifer Schultz

Eugene W. Schupp

Arthur Schüssler

Tanja Schwander

Klaus Schwenk

Douglas G. Scofield

Ivan Scotti

Kim Scribner

Alexandre Sebbenn

Jean Secondi

Jennifer M. Seddon

Alena Sediva

James E. Seeb

Ole Seehausen

Kristina Sefc

Gernot Segelbacher

Vincent Segura

Keith A. Seifert

Kimberly A. Selkoe

Helen V. Senn

Perttu Seppa

Andrea S. Sequeira

Dimitar R. Serbezov

Angela Sessitsch

Sabrina Setaro

Aaron Shafer

Beth Shapiro

Tim Sharbel

Adrian Sharma

Stuart P. Sharp

Robert Shatters

Tonya Shearer

Donald B. Shepard

Samuel K. Sheppard

Daniel Sher

Takahito Shikano

Yukinori Shimada

Kentaro Shimizu

Dennis K. Shiozawa

Andrew J. Shirk

D. DeWayne Shoemaker

Shadi Shokralla

David Shuker

Jacqui A. Shykoff

Nachshon Siboni

Hannah V. Siddle

Hans R. Siegismund

David Siemens

Philippe Silar

Joan Silk

Frederic Simard

Zilá Simões

Chris Simon

Benoît Simon-Bouhet

Navinder Singh

Mathieu Siol

Jack W. Sites, Jr.

Inger Skrede

Etienne Slabbert

Monty Slatkin

Nicholas D. Sly

Scott Small

Brian T. Smith

Christopher R. Smith

Stacey Smith

Steve J. Smith

Peter E. Smouse

Terry Snell

Rhonda Snook

Nancy G. Solomon

Simone Sommer

H. Song

Sarah Sonsthagen

Gabriele Sorci

Michael D. Sorenson

Teiji Sota

Kiril Sotirovski

Erik E. Sotka

Vítor C. Sousa

Petra Souter

Peter Sozou

Stephen Spear

Phillip Q. Spinks

K. Spitze

Mark Springer

Stevan A. Springer

Lewis Spurgin

T. Stadler

Julie K. Stahlhut

Jessica Stapley

Craig J. Starger

Vincent Staszewski

Michael Stat

Fabian Staubach

Stephanie Steele

Sebastian Steinfartz

Ofer Steinitz

Hans K. Stenøien

Tomasz Stepkowski

Martin Stervander

Tariq Stevart

Frank Stewart

John R. Stinchcombe

John Stireman

Matthias Stöck

Solenn Stoeckel

Bard Stokke

Robby Stoks

Jay F. Storz

Maria Strandh

Jared Strasburg

Shannon C. K. Straub

Yoel Stuart

Eva Stukenbrock

Christian Sturmbauer

Sung-Oui Suh

Elissa L. Suhr

Jeet Sukumaran

Kyle Summers

Sierian Sumner

Mei Sun

Shinichi Sunagawa

Paul Sunnucks

Yann Surget-Groba

Willie Swanson

Nigel D. Swarts

William O. C. Symondson

A. L. Szalanski

Marta Szulkin

Karen Tait

Aya Takahashi

Toshiyuki Takano-Shimizu

Naoki Takebayashi

Torimaru Takeshi

Shohei Takuno

Sandra L. Talbot

David A. Tallmon

David R. Tarpy

Andrey Tatarenkov

Diethard Tautz

Erika Tavares

John S. Taylor

Christoph Tebbe

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Luis Teixeira

Aurelien Tellier

Marina Telonis-Scott

Olivier Tenaillon

Carolyn K. Tepolt

Peter R. Teske

Catherine Texier

Olaf Thalmann

Nina Therkildsen

Thomas Therriault

Xavier Thibert-Plante

Patrice This

Mark Thomas

Linda Thomashow

Henri Thomassen

Andrew Thompson

Graham Thompson

Stacey Lee Thompson

Daniel J. Thornhill

Carrie S. Thurber

Michel Tibayrenc

Kimberly Tice

Ralph Tiedemann

Peter Tiffin

Lysyk Timothy

Michèle Tixier-Boichard

Joseph Tobias

Antonio Todaro

Dave Toews

Hirokazu Toju

Charlotte Tollenaere

Nobuhiro Tomaru

Anni Tonteri

Robert Toonen

Candice Torres

Fernando Torres-Perez

Amy L. Toth

Zoltan Toth

Michael Traugott

Tom Tregenza

Eric A. Treml

Alexandros Triantafyllidis

Andreas Tribsch

Frederic Tripet

Jim Tripp

Barbara Tschirren

Yoshiaki Tsuda

Kin Ming Tsui

Katarzyna Turnau

Bruce J. Turner

Leslie M. Turner

Thomas L. Turner

Xavier Turon

Martin Unterseher

Maria Uriarte

Sylvain Ursenbacher

Josef C. Uyeda

V. Vacquier

Alice Valentini

Myriam Valero

Alfonso Valiente-Banuet

Elena Valsecchi

Ronald A. Van den Bussche

Marcela van Loo

Arie van Noordwijk

Kees van Oers

Cock Van Oosterhout

Fabienne van Rossum

Bettine J. Van Vuuren

Michiel Vandegehuchte

Alain Vanderpoorten

Wendy Vandersteen

Dennis vanEngelsdorp

Amélie Vantaux

Zoltan Varga

Edward L. Vargo

Anti Vasemägi

Fabrice Vavre

Milan Vavrek

Xavier Vekemans

Paul Velazco

David Veliz

Miguel Vences

Giovanni G. Vendramin

K. J. F. Verhoeven

Simon Verhulst

Frederique Viard

Alain Viari

T. N. C. Vidya

Cristina Vieira

Jorge Vieira

Sara Vieira-Silva

David R. Vieites

Linda Vigilant

Sacha N. Vignieri

Carles Vila

Boris Vinatzer

Pablo Vinuesa

Massimiliano Virgilio

Renaud Vitalis

Gary Voelker

Heiko Vogel

Alfried P. Vogler

Martin Vohnik

Filip Volckaert

Leif A. Vøllestad

Steven V. Vollmer

Bernhard Von Hagen

Maarten Vonhof

Bridgett vonHoldt

Pascal Vonlanthen

Christian R. Voolstra

Adam Vorsino

Michiel Vos

Trude Vralstad

Robert C. Vrijenhoek

David B. Wake

Sandra J. Walde

Fergal Waldron

Faith M. Walker

Rhian G. Waller

Craig A. Walling

Graham Wallis

Eric Waltari

Catherine Walton

Chenghui Wang

Ian J. Wang

Jinliang Wang

Liuyang Wang

Wen Wang

Xiao-Ru Wang

Robin S. Waples

Robert D. Ward

John P. Wares

Peter M. Waser

Jonathan Waters

Ward B. Watt

Michael S. Webster

Jason D. Weckstein

Claus Wedekind

Dylan J. Weese

Daniel Wegmann

K. Mathias Wegner

Fuwen Wei

Lucy Weinert

Jason T. Weir

Michael Weiss

Steven Weiss

Thomas Weisse

John Welch

Maren Wellenreuther

Renate A. Wesselingh

Mary Jane West-Eberhard

Helena Westerdahl

Kristine B. Westergaard

Christopher Wheat

Bradley J. White

Bryan White

Daniel J. White

Matthew White

Andrew Whitehead

Andrew R. Whiteley

Noah K. Whiteman

Michael Whitlock

Anja Widdig

Jerzy Wielbo

Martin Wiemers

John Wiens

Diane C. Wiernasz

Craig Wilding

Lena Wilfert

Horst Wilkens

Mike Wilkinson

Samantha Wilkinson

Eske Willerslev

Yvonne Willi

Dean A. Williams

Karen Williams

Suzanne T. Williams

Alastair J. Wilson

Nerida G. Wilson

Paul J. Wilson

Tony Wilson

Gina M. Wimp

Brenda D. Wingfield

Michael Wink

Kevin Winker

Manuela Winkler

Samantha Wisely

Joanna Wiszniewski

Jonathan Witt

Leszek Wojnowski

Diana Wolf

Jochen Wolf

Marianne Wolfner

F. Wolschin

Doug Woodhams

Meg Woolfit

Greg Wray

Dominic Wright

Jessica W. Wright

Stephen I. Wright

Yunke Wu

Yannick Wurm

Wolfgang Wüster

Dou-Shuan Yang

Guang Yang

Glenn Yannic

Izumi Yao

Yoshiki Yasukochi

Yoko Yatabe

Chaoyang Ye

Sam Yeaman

Shai Yerushalmi

Mingbo Yin

Nigel G. Yoccoz

Anne Yoder

Rob Young

Gaël Yvert

Inigo Zabalgogeazcoa

Andrzej Zalewski

David T. Zanatta

Lorenzo Zane

Eugenia Zarza

Amro Zayed

Einat Zchori-Fein

Jeanne A. Zeh

Inga Zeisset

Amanda J. Zellmer

Niklaus Zemp

Aibin Zhan

Xiangjiang Zhan

De-Xing Zhang

Hongyu Zhang

Shun-Yi Zhu

K. S. Zigler

Jan Zima

Lucie Zinger

Robert M. Zink

Ingo Zinke

Dietmar Zinner

Joe Zuccarello

Claudia Zwahlen