Fig. S1 Neighbour-net network constructed using microsatellite data, in Splitstree 4.11.3 (Huson and Bryant, 2006).

Table S1 Sampling information for strains genotyped for microsatellite markers, and sequenced at the mitochondrial loci ND4 and ND6L.

Table S2 Microsatellite primer information.

Table S3 Population statistics and genetic characteristics of sampled locations on La Réunion Island for Pristionchus pacificus mtDNA (ND6 and ND4L) sequences.

Table S4 Pairwise RST and FST values between data partitions, based on: (i) 20 nuclear microsatellite markers, and (ii) 736 bp of mitochondrial sequence (ND6 and ND4L), respectively.

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