Table S1 Individual specimen sampling locations.

Table S2 Forward and reverse primers of anonymous loci with associated amplicon length and annealing temperature in degrees Celsius (Ta).

Table S3 Comparison of competing nested models from Isolation with Migration analysis ranked by AIC score.

Table S4 Nucleotide diversity of each sampled population by individual locus.

Table S5 Haplotype diversity of each sampled population by individual locus.

Table S6 Pairwise Fst of haplotype frequencies for each locus and population (significant values in bold P < 0.05).

Data S1 Nineteen nuclear loci: speciation in the White-breasted Nuthatch (Sitta carolinensis): a multilocus perspective.

Data S2 List of anonymous loci used in study, forward and reverse primer sequences, annealing temperature, and amplicon length.

Data S3 Maximum likelihood trees of each of the 19 nuclear loci in Newick format.

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