Fig. S1 Structure diagram of European and Japanese populations, based on the software Structure 2.2 for K = 2 clusters.

Fig. S2 Bayesian phylogram of Laccaria spp. using ITS sequences from this study, Unite and GenBank (138 taxa, 622 characters).

Fig. S3 Alignment of ITS sequences from L. amethystina and L. amethysteo-occidentalis.

Fig. S4 Unrooted Bayesian phylograms of L. amethystina in Europe and Japan for two mitochondrial ribosomal genes, SrRNA (a, 29 taxa, 477 characters) and LrRNA (b, 37 taxa, 410 characters).

Data S1 Microsatellites diploid genotypes for 667 individuals in 18 L. amethystina populations, 9 microsatellites loci

Data S2 Genbank accession numbers for sequences of 5 coding or non-coding loci, on purpose of phylogenetic analysis. Associated phylogenetic trees are available on TREEBASE, study accessions no.11481, 11482, 11483, 11484, 11485, 11486, 11487I have also attached the PDF for reference.

MEC_5392_sm_DataS1.txt58KSupporting info item
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