Appendix S1 (1) Species occurrence in additional collections and (2) coding of life-history data before rescaling for multidimensional analyses.

Appendix S2 Creatine Kinase intron 6 alignment and source locations.

Appendix S3 α-tropomyosin alignment and source locations.

Appendix S4 16S rDNA alignment and source locations.

Appendix S5 mtDNA noncoding region alignment and source locations.

MEC_5417_sm_AppendixS2.nxs10KSupporting info item
MEC_5417_sm_AppendixS3.nxs13KSupporting info item
MEC_5417_sm_AppendixS4.nxs61KSupporting info item
MEC_5417_sm_AppendixS5.nxs107KSupporting info item
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