Annex A Use (G for genotyping and E for experimental rearing), sampling date (season, S for Spring and A for Autumn and year), geographical localization for each site studied. Sampling dates for experimental rearing are bold letters.

Annex B Inbreeding coefficient (FIS, significantly different from 0 if bold letters) at genotyped loci for each sample. For some samples, PPU6 was monomorphs, hence there is no FIS value.

Annex C Linkage disequilibrium (P-values) between loci in Fesq tadpoles sampled in autumn 2007.

Annex DN (number of individuals measured for both traits), mean and SEM of size at metamorphosis (SVL, mm) and larval period (days) measured on tadpoles reared in the laboratory for each site and each cohort.

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