Table S1 Results of principal component analysis on environmental variables.

Table S2 Counts of parental, backcross, intermediate, and putative F1 genotypes for each population (summed over all collection periods).

Table S3 Levels of admixture in the Churince hybrid zone, by proportion of alleles specific to C.  atrorus P(a).

Table S4 GPS coordinates of Sites Chu01-17.

Fig. S1 Variation in mean environmental conditions along axis 1 (circles) and 2 (squares) of 17 populations across seasons and years.

Fig. S2 Seasonal variation in specific conductance (micro-Siemens) and temperature (°C) across the Rio Churince system (sites Chu01-17).

Appendix S1 Characterization of Spatio-temporal environmental variation in the Rio Churince system.

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