Appendix S1 Details of the phylogenetic analyses of the Incani clade.

Fig. S1 Phylogenetic relationships of Senecio carniolicus and related species (i.e., the Incani clade).

Fig. S2 Population dendrogram based on agglomerative hierarchical clustering using geographic distances.

Fig. S3 Principal Coordinate Analysis of AFLP data.

Fig. S4 Population graphs network of AFLP data at the population level.

Fig. S5 Bayes Factor support for diffusion rates in the discrete non-reversible geographic diffusion model under different parameterizations.

Table S1 Population numbers, sampling locations and their coordinates, number of analysed individuals, population diversity measures, ITS ribotypes, plastid haplotypes, and GenBank accession numbers

Table S2 Sampling localities and their coordinates as well as GenBank accession numbers of four plastid regions for outgroup species of the Incani clade

Table S3 Newly designed internal primers for three plastid spacer regions

Table S4 Sequence statistics

Table S5 Bayes Factor support for geographic diffusion rates under the reversible discrete model

Table S6 Bayes Factor support for geographic diffusion rates under the non-reversible discrete model

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