Fig. S1 Maps showing the position of courts and colour of court owners in each lek.

Fig. S2 Mean pairwise relatedness (±SE) of males within and between leks grouped by plumage colour and including the five intermediate males .

Fig. S3 Randomization correlation between estimates of relatedness when Man3 was included and excluded in the analyses (r = 0.97, N = 630, P < 0.001).

Fig. S4 Randomization correlation between estimates of relatedness using the Queller and Goodnight (1989) method, and the Loiselle et al. (1995) and Wang (2002) methods.

Fig. S5 Distribution of pairwise relatedness values for yellow to yellow males (within leks = yellow diamonds; between leks = open diamonds), and white to white males (within leks = grey triangles; between leks = open triangles).

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