Table S1 Information on sampled populations of Lobaria pulmonaria.

Table S2 Microsatellite analysis: (a) primer sequences (Walser et al. 2003; Walser 2004; this study; Dal Grande et al. 2010), labeling, primer concentrations and (b, c) PCR conditions for genetic analyses of Lobaria pulmonaria.

Table S3 Model fitting and residuals of observed frequencies of deltaF vs. fitted frequencies (combined exponential and binomial fitting).

Table S4 Allele frequency distribution at eight fungal (LPu03, LPu09, LPu15, LPu23, LPu24, LPu25, LPu28, Walser et al. 2003; Widmer et al. 2010; MS4, this study) and seven algal (LPh1–LPh7; Dal Grande et al. 2010) loci per population. Each line is one repeat length (allele) and each number represents the absolute frequency of that allele in the particular population.

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